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Welcome to the Art Cover Exchange Website
A place to exchange hand-decorated covers with other members. The concept is to send a cover with a hand-made cachet to a member and receive one in return.
Welcome to Art by the Yard
Descriptions of mail art techniques - methods and materials to transform ordinary correspondence into art and faux postage.
The Miniature Book Library
Virtually tour portions of The Miniature Book Library - an ongoing mail art project. Mail in your own 5 books - and receive 4 books from other participants; one goes to The Miniature Book Library.
shouting at the postman home
ASKalice Electronic- A Mail Art Almanac
Sewers of the World - Unite!
Net Art Project
Mail Art Postcard Exhibition
Trebuchet MS
MAILART - MAIL ART calls - exhibits and collaborations at Kiyotei's Den
Kiyotei's Den is the best place for graphics - art - collaborations and mailart. Visit the galleries - interviews - mailart calls and essential art links.
Mail Art Artist Trading Cards Artistamps
Links to mail art or postal art information and art calls.
Ken Turmel - PostmarkArt
Overlays postmarks - stamps - and signatures on maps.
International Mail Art Artists Group
Mail artists group (I-MAG) of Kuala Lumpur.
International Council of Independent States
The United Nation of ficticious states. Imaginary countries that issue postage stamps - currency and publications.
Graceful Envelope Contest
The National Postal Museum's Graceful Envelope Contest - sponsored by the Washington Calligraphers Guild.
¤ Sztuka Fabryka ¤
An archive about arts in the international mail art network. The online version of the Sztuka Fabryka Archive.

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