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Welcome to the Fine Line Creative Arts Center
Year-round classes - workshops - art exhibits - and events in fiber arts (knitting - quilting - weaving) - pottery - 2 & 3 D arts - and jewelry in a rural setting near Chicago.
Tischlampen und Stehlampen - Table Lamps and Floor Lamps
Lampen aus handgetöpferten Füßen und seidenbemalten Schirmen und ihre Herstellung. Exhibition of table lamps and floor lamps with ceramic bases and silkpainted shades and the instruction for assemblin...
The Alms House - Trowbridge Arts and Crafts - Wiltshire.
You can make it yourself... craft projects - in Trowbridge Wiltshire.
That Hat! Millinery Classes - Millinery Courses - Millinery Instruction - Hatmaking
Millinery classes offered to those interested in the formal skills of custom millinery and hatmaking.
Old Sage Farm ~ art and craft classes
Offers a variety of classes including how to make stained glass stepping stones - pressed flower art and mosaics.
Making Memories 101
Free Idea & Resource Site For Activity Professionals Working In Long Term Care Facilities To Help Better The Lives Of Our Senior Generation.
flower pressing courses in Mayenne
Dave's snowflake page - Images of paper snowflakes by D.C.Stredulinsky
Site contains images of over 100 paper snowflakes created by D.C. Stredulinsky and images of Christmas trees decorated with snowflakes. Gives instructions - patterns for making paper snowflakes.
Crafty Wench - Arts & Crafts with a Little Extra Oomph
A fun little page with Craft Projects for all ages - and a Rant section for adults. Come on in - and pull up a Soapbox.
Crafty Fun
Craft parties and sessions for children between 5 and 15.
Crafts - free - easy - homemade craft projects; craft patterns.
Crafts - free craft projects and patterns to make easy homemade gifts - with photos and how-to instructions. Valentine - Easter - Mother's Day - Halloween and Christmas crafts; sewing - crochet and kn...
Craft Remedy - turn your trash into treasure
Make simple - useful - decorative craftswith items you have around the home. These are simple to do with easyinstructions - great for kids too - and beautful.
Aunt Molly's Bead Street -- Beadwork Projects
Free tutorials for making bead earrings - necklaces - and working with quills and shells. Includes free web art and patterns for beadworkers.
Art For All with Ann Davies - Watercolour Courses
Art for All - Watercolour classes & Art Training with Artist - Ann Davies - Art equipment at discounted prices
Aaardvarks Attic
Paint Shop Pro templates - tutorials and layouts. Graphic downloads for web pages about crafts.
4H Crafty Gardners
4H Crafty Gardners website - located in Sussex County New Jersey
Quilters attend master classes in small groups in the tranquil mountains of Valencia Spain.
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