Why Egyptian Cotton Is Still King

Article by: Pat Bowlin

Egyptian cotton has become wildly popular for bedding , Home Decorations in recent years. Why exactly? Does it really matter?

It was thought for ages that cotton was cotton and thread count was king when choosing quality sheets. That is no longer true. Consumer guidelines for buying bedding , - Are You Relaxed At Night? suggest that cotton from Egypt is superior to other cotton. Is this true and, if so, what is the big difference?

Egyptian cottons are used to create bedding , A Look at Body Fat Scales of all types from sheets to pillowcases to comforters. The long staple or long fiber of Egyptian-grown cotton means that there is more continuous fiber to use when creating threads or yarns. This yarn is smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons. Smaller yarn means that more threads per square inch can be use to create stronger fabric which is light , Goose Down Comforters – Warm, Cozy, and weight in weight yet breathes well.

More threads per inch mean that the thread count on the bedding , Art and Accessories in Interior Design label will be higher. Many buyers think that choosing high thread count sheets is the only gauge of quality. This is not true, but in the case of cotton grown in Egypt, the higher thread count means the fabric will be incredibly strong and will last for years and years. If cared for properly, Egyptian produced cotton fabric used for creating bedding products , Unique Doorknockers: A Touch of Class can last for decades.

The hand or feel of the sheets created from Egyptian grown cotton is a bit harder than other cottons when the bedding , Mirrors is new. However, with every single laundering, the cotton sheets from Egyptian fibers become softer and softer. Like a fine wine, age improves the Egyptian fiber cotton bedding , A Guide to Kitchen Decor: Create the Kitchen You'll Love and, unlike many products, , Butt Ugly Decor you will prize your Egyptian fiber sheets of cotton more and more as they age and become soft and cuddly.

Cotton grown in the Egyptian fields will also produce less lint and therefore will not pill after repeated washings as some materials may do. At one time, the only way to obtain Egyptian fiber cotton sheets was to shop in high-end expensive stores. This is no longer true and most department stores and online , 7 Tips for Decorating Your Child's Room bedding stores carry a selection of Egyptian produced cotton sheets and other bedding , Home Decorating & The Smaller Place items for the buyer seeking this quality product. , Nursery Decorating Ideas: Creating a Timeless Retreat

King Cotton was once the name for the cotton grown in the Deep South of the United States. This cotton has much shorter fibers or staple than the Egyptian produced cotton. Egyptian fiber is now considered the king of all cottons for its durability and luxurious feel. After all, we spend almost one-third of our lives in our beds , Clocks For Your Home And Your Lifestyle and our bedding , Neutral Colors: Area Rugs Perfect for your Home Decor should be comfortable and durable. Choosing the right sheets made from the king of cotton, Egyptian produced fibers, you will experience a bed , Butt Ugly Decor that is comfortable and cozy.

A word of caution regarding bedding , Unique Doorknockers: A Touch of Class labels: if the package says "cotton rich" the actual amount of cotton, whether Egyptian or other cotton, is not stated and can be a very small amount. It is better to select products , Where Does Interior Decorating End and Renovation Begin? that state 100% cotton or, if choosing a blend fabric, that clearly state the exact proportion of cotton in the bedding. , 7 Tips for Decorating Your Child's Room This will ensure your product , Bunk Beds Ideas composition is one that you will be pleased with.

If the package says "percale", this means that the thread count is at least 180 count. Many people believe that percale is a fabric type in its own right. This isn't the case at all; it simply means the thread count is 180 or more. Percale can be 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and other fibers!

Sferra Brothers always has a special eye for quality and their Celeste linens in 100% cotton from Egypt is no exception. These mix and match fine quality linens are created with 406 thread count. The linens are cool and crisp yet soft for luxurious comfort. White , Bunk Beds Ideas plus 10 solid colors , Clocks For Your Home And Your Lifestyle are available. You simply can't go wrong with these machine washable luxury linens.

Matouk Classics collection includes the Lowell design. , A Guide to Acrylic Kitchen Sinks These Egyptian long fiber cotton sheets are 600 thread count for true luxury. Available in white , Window Coverings Are Very Important to a Room's Overall Decor - Be Sure to Choose the Right Ones! with one inch sateen tape accents around edges of pillow cases and on sheet hem. Select choice of five solid colors , Butt Ugly Decor for the accent. These linens are elegant enough for the finest bedrooms.

Frette's 600 thread count Royalty sheet sets come in a shade called "money green" which is actually a deep olive green. , Feng Shui Interprets Colors Other colors , The Versatility Of An Air Mattress - Affordable And Alternative Sleep Solutions are also available. The linens are accented with a square jacquard weave around the edges for a very distinctive, classic look. If you want beauty beyond compare, these linens from Frette are for you.

Egyptian remains King of the cotton world today and will retain that crown for many years into the future.

You'll find this long staple cotton used in sheets by many different designers , Patio Furniture Extend Your Living Quarters and can enjoy this Egyptian luxury, suitable for the kings and pharaohs in your very own home! , Office Furniture
Patricia Bowlin informs and entertains you as you shop for home , Kitchen Counter Top Materials bedding! Find out everything you need to know about chosing the perfect pillows, comforters, and bedding , Interior Decorating Themes – What’s Your Decorating Style? here now.

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