Where Does Interior Decorating End and Renovation Begin?

Article by: Bill Prudehome

An interesting question that will keep think tanks and philosophers in discussion for years to come. There are many areas that can be defined as either interior decorating, , Find the Answer for your Interior and Home Decor Needs such as buying a new lamp, or a home , Ivory Like Sholapith Sculptures from India renovation project, such as adding a room , A "Wild" Idea To Make a Bold Decorating Statement to a home, , Neutral Colors: Area Rugs Perfect for your Decor there are a lot of areas that are difficult to define.

If you are repainting a room , Jazz Up Your With Folding Screen Room Dividers in your home, , Fall Decorating in Just Minutes are you renovating , Storage Ottomans or providing an update to the interior , Ivory Like Sholapith Sculptures from India decoration? What about changing the interior doors , Update an Old Bathroom with the Perfect Bathroom Vanities, Showers and Curtains of your home, , Theatres - The Best Seat In The House or changing the electrical switches and receptacles from the standard versions to the decorator versions?

I have come up with a definition that will probably frustrate all interior designers, , The Benefits of Adjustable Air Beds renovators, and homeowners.

An interior designer , Enhance The Look Of Your Bathroom With Trendy Shower Curtain Rods once told me, that "interior decorating" applies to anything that is visible. This means that interior decorating , Toddler Beds must be considered as a part of any renovation project that has any affect on the interior , Floor lamps for the home and office of the home. , Silk Palm Trees Interior , Can Bamboo Flooring Really Help Save The Worlds Environment? decoration is an area where many renovations , Corner Entertainment Centers fail, because the renovation is not planned to encompass the interior , Design decoration on completion - it is an after thought.

There are many areas where the interior design , Fall Decorating in Just Minutes must be taken into account during a renovation project:

· Valances for curtains and window , Interior Decorating - It's the Small Touches That Count! blinds
· Mechanical support for chandeliers
· Outlets for television and telephones
· Wiring for recessed, valance and highlight lighting
· Framing around windows , Finding the Right Home Furnishing Store to accommodate shutters and blinds
· Framing around doors , How To Choose The Best Wine Rack To Buy For Your Home to accommodate locksets
· Position of electrical receptacles to accommodate floor , Corner Entertainment Centers lamps, counter top appliances in kitchens , The Touch of Tiffany - Unsurpassed Quality and Excellence By Dale Tiffany Inc. and mirrors and cabinets in bathrooms. , Update an Old with the Perfect Bathroom Vanities, Showers and Curtains

These are only a few of the areas of interior design , Discount Rugs - Buying a Discount Area Rug that should be considered before starting a renovation project.
For additional information , Floor lamps for the home and office on interior decorating , Jazz Up Your Child's Bedroom With Borders And Stencils for your home , Fall Decorating in Just Minutes or other renovation projects, visit Renovation Headquarters.

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