What's Your Design Sign?

Article by: Mary Cynthia Knowles

If you've been consistently bewildered about how to , A Guide to Decorative Picnic Baskets make your style happen in your home, , Shower Enclosures relax, take a deep breath and forgive yourself. , Get Some Spice In The Bedroom With A Mexican Decorating Theme We don't come into this world with knowledge, we learn as we go!

At first glance, interior design , A Look at Wood Shutters appears to be about the latest trends, beautiful , Make a splash with your shower curtains. fabrics, furniture , Decorate with Style by Choosing Appropriate Art for Your Room or rugs, , The ABC of Being a Good Interior Designer and the hottest label.

First of all, let me tell you what I'm not going to talk about! I'm not going to talk here about current trends, what's in, what's out. I'm not going to show you homes , The concept of positive and negative spaces in interior design of movie stars or business tycoons. I'm not going to show you rooms , Door Chime Upgrades: Constantly Developing Technology and rooms , Benefits of a Latex Mattress of expensive furniture , Teak : Evaluating The Best Before You Buy that you might be able to afford-- or not.

So, you won't find the answer on any TV show, in any magazine or website.

The answer is in you!

After serving over one thousand clients in 25 years, the secret of creating a dream home , Indoor Decorating According to Your Own Personal Style is-- dreaming! So, the first step is knowing what you want.

Experts and authors who talk about goal setting, from Napoleon Hill to Anthony Robbins to Lynne Grabhorn, talk about a FEELING. Yes, written goals are essential, but where does the writing come from? A book? Someone else's goals? No! They come from YOU! Have you ever really explored what is important to YOU?

From trash to treasure

Here's an exercise for you to do. It will help you pick your home , Contemporary Bathroom Furniture accessories, but it will also help you find your individual style, your "Design Sign".

Go up into your attic, rummage through your closets, look under your beds , Residential Art Glass Lighting - Design Trends in Chandeliers, Sconces, & Pendants and pull out the things you packed away. Pull them out and lay them on the floor. , Romantic Bedroom Decorating Tips What items make you feel good, bring you joy that you'd forgotten?

Look through any decorating , Residential Art Glass Lighting - Design Trends in Chandeliers, Sconces, & Pendants magazines you have lying around (or any other magazines, for that matter). What images stir your heart, make you smile, and move you? Start clipping pictures and pasting"”just a few if you don't have a lot of time.

As you go about your day, look for things that make you feel good. I'm not talking about expensive things or status items; I'm talking about the simple, subtle images and memories that bring you peace, joy and comfort. Only you know what they are. These are the things that bring Beauty into your life, not the latest trip to the shopping mall.

Echoes of Childhood Past

Think about the places , Things to Know about Kitchen Cabinet Design you lived growing , A Touch of Elegance with Lighting up. If you have pleasant memories, recall them. What gives you a sense of safety, , Recessed Lighting Tips excitement, wonder?

Growing up, I loved to ride horses on our family farm. , Shower Enclosures I liked everything about it: the green , Decorating Tips for Siblings Sharing a Bedroom fields, the sound of wind in the trees, , Contemporary Bathroom Furniture and yes, even the smell of manure!

So it's not surprising I live in a bungalow in the middle of horse country. No, it's not a "McMansion" in a trendy zip code. I moved there because of the feeling of freedom I had when I was a kid.

Believe it or not, your conscious intention to find these things will influence your attention to noticing them! If this sounds strange, believe me when I tell you I've seen stranger things. I have my clients do just these things, and I've seen them come alive when they rediscover parts of themselves they had forgotten.

For me, this is the whole point of interior , Door Chime Upgrades: Constantly Developing Technology design: creating a home , Recessed Lighting Tips that is warm, expressive, and personal. The first step on the path , A Look at Wood Shutters of self-discovery-- before buying anything, or reading anything-- is to spend a little time with yourself , Don't Wait for a Mate, Feather Your Nest Now! and those you love.

Good luck and happy decorating! , Area Rugs Will Add That Special Look And Feel To Your Home
Mary Cynthia Knowles is an interior designer , Furniture Slipcovers Can Transform Your Home In An Instant! with over 2,500 clients in her portfolio. She has been sharing her home , The concept of positive and negative spaces in interior design decorating knowledge and teaching the joy of self-expression for over 25 years.

For an expanded version of this article, complete with a quiz and illustrations, please visit http://www.decoratebydesign.com/home-decorating-ideas.htm

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