What a Five-year-old Taught Me About Decorating

Article by: LaJoyce Kerns

My 5-year-old grandson is getting his own room. , Have You Considered These Space-Saving Bed Designs To Maximize Your Interior Decorating Space? He's very excited at the prospect and quite determined to put his own personal stamp on the decorating , Crystal Chandeliers process. I like to listen to him explain why certain things must be certain ways; it's an entertaining and charming view of the world through his eyes. I listened when he shared his decorating , Cheap Home Furnishing And Ideas ideas, and this is what he taught me (my poor adult interpretations are in parentheses):

You should use your favorite color , Hanging Curtains? Don't Forget the Rods and Finials! a lot (if you like pink , Hideaway Beds - Have You Considered A Fu-Chest? or green , Decorating Walls 101 - Not All Walls Are Created Equal! or red, don't be afraid to use it as much as you can).

If you don't like a color, , Residential Steam Showers don't use it (doesn't matter what anyone says is popular, if you don't like it, don't use it).

You need room , How To Successfully Use the Color Orange In Your Interior Decorating to put all your good stuff out where you can see it and play with it (don't store your treasures away, display them).

When you get tired of something, hide it somewhere, and then when you find it again, you won't be tired of it anymore (rotate your treasures so you can admire and enjoy them equally).

Moms like fancy pillows. Kids don't unless they can throw them, and then you get in trouble (decorate a room , Why It's OK to Break The Rules for the person living there).

You should be able to push your cars on the wall , Hideaway Beds - Have You Considered A Fu-Chest? without messing up the paint , Ottomans (buy good washable paint).

What's wrong with jumping on the furniture , Take The Clothes Off Your Rooms and Let Them Breathe (what's wrong with jumping on the furniture)?

You have to have a light , Colour Selection by the door , Amish Furniture For the Home that you can turn on to check for monsters at night (good lighting is very important).

Flashlights are cool and you need someplace to put one where you can always find it if you remember to put it back (organized storage is effective if you use it).

If you put too much stuff in your closet, you don't have room , Dining Chair Slipcovers - A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests! to sit on the floor , Updating Your Home In Time For Spring with your flashlight and hide (plan for all uses and don't overstuff the closet).

If the drawer on your dresser keeps getting stuck, put your clothes on the floor , A Look at Flower Bulbs for Sale (maintenance matters).

Sometimes you change , Hideaway Beds - Have You Considered A Fu-Chest? your mind about what you like (and that's okay).

Actually, these are pretty good ideas, whether you are decorating , Amish Furniture For the Home a room , Rug - Snug as a Bug! or contemplating life. Maybe I'll go jump on the bed. , Dining Chair Slipcovers - A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests!
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LaJoyce Kerns is the creator of the website: http://www.Decorate-Bedrooms-For-Less.com where you will find information , Residential Steam Showers and tips , Hanging Curtains? DonÂ’t Forget the Rods and Finials! on decorating , Glass Blowing when the decorating , Rug - Snug as a Bug! budget isn't as hefty as it could be.

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