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Article by: Stephen Kaye

If you are brave enough, or foolish enough, to want to hang your own wallpapers, here is some advice , Window Shades for you on choosing the right TYPE of paper.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: A common myth about hanging wallpaper is that good paperhanging means you will 'not be able to see the line between each sheet', or the 'join' as it is sometimes called. I say this is a myth because there are so many variables in hanging paper that you simply cannot guarantee this. Without going in to all the variables, I will say that in MY experience, it is impossible for anyone to guarantee that the line between each sheet of paper will not show. (You heard it here first). - And I've hung a LOT of paper on walls. , How to Frame Art Some of the variables are: thickness of paper, quality of paper, wall , Great Bed Ideas surface, wall , Great Bed Ideas surface preparation, type of glue/paste, the skill , Bamboo Furniture - It's Worth The Look! of the paperhanger, temperature, , Discount Living Room Furniture humidity, type of work area. That's just a few. In a nutshell, you do your best, but don't beat yourself , What is a Curio Cabinet? up over unsuccessful attempts to create invisible lines.

OK. Choosing the right TYPE of paper.

What are you going to do with the walls , Decorative Drapery Hardware 101 once they're papered? Are you going to paint , Great Bed Ideas them or are you going to have the paper itself as the final finish? Either way, opt for a good quality paper. Now, in the UK, good quality does not equate with PRICE, in my experience. There is one particular brand of wallpaper which is manufactured by a household , 7 Budget Kitchen Decorating Ideas name that is the same as the high street store name. The papers are quite expensive and usually floral. Personally, I've never successfully hung a Laura Ashley wallpaper, and personally, I do not like them at all. That's a personal view of course.

If you're going to paint , The Hunt for Vintage Kitchen Sinks over the paper, use a good quality Anaglypta or lining paper. How do you get good quality papers? What I do is to buy them only from Decorators' Merchants instead of the High Street stores or big DIY stores. That's not to say the High Street Stores or big DIY chains don't have good quallity papers - just that they do tend to sell a 'mixed bag'. Decorators' Merchants, who cater mainly for the professional decorator, on the whole, sell only good quality stuff and the cost is very reasonable. The Dulux and Crown Merchants are good, and so are Brewers Decorators' Merchants.

The thicker the better. Thicker papers will tear less, stretch less and the weight of them alone will assist you to get straighter lines. Yes, they will take up more paste, but that's minimal cost. For lining papers, go for 1200 grade, or even 1400. When it comes to hanging the paper on the wall, , Bringing the Inside Out a thicker paper will 'butt up' against the last sheet soooo much better than a thing one.

If the paper you want is to be the final finish, again, I would always opt for a thicker paper, not tissue thin. Unless you're going to have vertical stripes, there will inevitably be some pattern matching to do, so don't buy a paper with a pattern so complex that it will be the devil's job to match up each sheet on the wall. , Decorative Drapery Hardware 101

Measure your walls , Rejuvenation Station: Your Home as Your Sanctuary and buy enough to do the whole job in one go, with the same batch number for every roll. If you have to go back for more paper, having run out, you may not get the same 'batch number' and the colour , Antique Carpets can vary remarkably. SO BUY ALL YOU NEED IN ONE GO. If you buy from a Merchant, chances are you can return what you don't use as long as it's unopened and you have the receipt.

The only paper you can buy from anywhere with absolute impunity is good old woodchip. This was very popular in the '60s and '70s but it's still available and has its place, , How to make your Home Interior Decorating successful? especially where you have walls , Learn About Different Types of Window Coverings which are 'all over the place'. If it is clear from the state of the walls , Interior Redesign: How To Choose A One Day Decorator that no way are you going to achieve anything like a straight line with any sheet, then maybe woodchip is your answer. You can overlap it without too bad a consequence, you do not have to pattern match, and of course, it's nearly always painted afterwards and you can cover up a whole multitude of decorating , New Interior Design Trend: Antique Rugs sin!

Wallpapering is never the 'easy option' so go easy on yourself , Room by Room Makeovers: Great Rooms for Great Living and choose the right type of paper in the first instance.


See later EzineArticles for my advice , Vintage Hearth Accessories Heat Up Your Fireplace on how to , Quality Natural Stones in Interior Design paper a room. , Designer Shower Curtains
Stephen Kaye - EzineArticles Expert Author
Stephen Kaye is an Author and Businessman living in Devon, UK. He is the owner of Steve Kaye Painting , Practical Furnishing Ideas For Kid Rooms and Decorating , Cork Tiles Versus Ceramic Tiles in the Home Services and sells a manual 'How To Set Up And Run Your Own Successful Painting , Choosing the Right Sheets And Decorating , Why A Mattress Pad Matters Business' for £29.50. This is available as a .pdf, on CD, or in hard copy. Email him at kaye.steve@gmail.com for more information , Great Bed Ideas or visit http://www.tradeworldhq.com/decorating If you have Painting , What is a Curio Cabinet? and Decorating , Interior Redesign: How To Choose A One Day Decorator questions, he may be able to assist you with these also.

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