Wabi Sabi, Shabby Chic, and Design Psychology: Home Interior Design Styles

Article by: Jeanette Joy Fisher

Wabi Sabi, an ancient Chinese philosophy adapted by the Japanese and practiced by many Westerners today, presents an alternative way of living more than a way of decorating , What are HEPA Air Filters? your home. , Colorado River Blinds – Vinyl Vertical Blinds With A Difference However, you can adapt your interior , Kitchen Design Essentials - A Case Study and landscape , Bunk Beds - Safety Checklist When Shopping design using Wabi Sabi principles for happiness.

"Wabi Sabi" (pronounced "wah-bee sah-bee") was formalized as the Zen Buddhism tea ceremony evolved. Zen Buddhism originated in India, traveled through China in the 6th Century, and to Japan in the 12th century. The ancient wisdom of Wabi Sabi practitioners helps today's busy home , Globes makers with interesting interior design , Cushions - Update Your Sofa With New Cushions ideas. Wabi Sabi interior design , How To Stay Focused On Your Bedroom Decorating Project followers learn to relax, take time appreciate the beauty and simplicity of natural , Which Air Purifier is Best For You? design, and to know that their home , Interior Decorating With Picture Frames doesn't need perfection to bring joy, which compares to our research findings in residential Design , Braided Rugs: Spruce Up Your Home Decor Psychology.

Before you relate Wabi Sabi to Shabby Chic style, understand that the Wabi Sabi way of life starts with simplicity, whereas Shabby Chic interiors , Choose Decorating Colors with Confidence often fill spaces with a lot of interesting finds, which can end up with too much to care for and eye clutter, according to Design , Choose Decorating Colors with Confidence Psychology principles. This lesson of too much design , From Soiled to Stunning: How to Clean Leather and Fabric Upholstered Sofas detail, which stops the eye and makes you feel overwhelmed, became apparent to us when we moved from our expansive Victorian home , Air Beds into a smaller house , Design Tips for a Spacious and Family-friendly Living Room and had to choose the more important furnishings from the treasures discovered over ten years of collecting, both in antique and thrift stores.

If you want to makeover your home , How To Stay Focused On Your Bedroom Decorating Project for joyous living, consider Wabi Sabi restraints along with Design , Finding the Basics of Rustic Psychology principles:

Simplify your life and home , A Look a Duvet Cover Sets design. When you choose the best from your treasures, keep those accessories , Italian Interior Design that support positive memories, regardless of monetary value.

Take pleasure from natural , Interior Decorating With Picture Frames beauty. Choose design , Details of Fake Antique Furniture details with colors, , Sectional sofa patterns, and textures similar to those found in nature, , Marine Carpet: 4 Top Manufacturers which feel harmonious to people because they connect us to the earth. , Restoring a Home? There Are Lots of Design and Materials Decisions to Make

Appreciate your home , Carpet Cleaning : Sure-Fire Tips and furnishings, no matter how imperfect. When you love your home, , The Stunning Brilliance of a Murano Chandelier this love shines throughout and makes it easier for you to clean and maintain. Your positive attitude brings you encouragement to find beauty all around, inspiring fresh ideas for home , Which Air Purifier is Best For You? makeover projects.

Wabi Sabi beliefs include the principles of incomplete and impermanent designs, , From Soiled to Stunning: How to Clean Leather and Fabric Upholstered Sofas which parallel the Design , Eye Catching Sun catchers Psychology principle that your home , Dummies Guide To Interior Design Color Scheme needs to grow , Practical Kitchen Design is Winning Recipe to 2006 Homebuyers and change, , Interior Redesign and Decorating - What Can be Accomplished in One Day to support your changing lifestyle and emotional needs.

In contrast to Wabi Sabi's use of modest and humble furnishings, Design , Carpet Cleaning : Sure-Fire Tips Psychology appreciates the inherent beauty in all things. Enjoy the fruits , Not All Glass is Created Equal of your hard work and don't feel guilty when mixing the humble with quality showpieces. I love my Italian Millifiore glass , From Soiled to Stunning: How to Clean Leather and Fabric Upholstered Sofas lamps sitting next to my Mexican Rose , Practical Kitchen Design is Winning Recipe to 2006 Homebuyers rock.

Like any good design , Gourmet Fruit Gift Baskets theory, Wabi Sabi finds beauty in the unconventional. Your originality in design , Eye Catching Sun catchers makes your home , A Look at Flower Bulbs for Sale unique. Design , Custom Drapery Psychology practice avoids the use of furniture , Where to Find Cuckoo Clock Parts "groups" and prefers unique, individual pieces offering comfort. If you were tempted by a furniture , Air Beds set, such as matching sofa, love seat, and the three matching tables, don't worry; just know that additional pieces don't need to match perfectly and that blending styles and finishes makes unconventional, unique spaces.

Design Psychology supports fearless home , Practical Kitchen Design is Winning Recipe to 2006 buyers makeovers, bold with colors , Chairs - History Part I to lend emotional support yet restrained, without overly-filled rooms, , Croscill Chambord Bedding Sets to provide backgrounds for people and harmonious living.

Similar to the Wabi Sabi tea ceremony, practice daily rituals in your home. , Furniture Savings, and I Mean SAVINGS! Create a home , Kitchen Design Essentials - A Case Study to celebrate life, one full of tranquility and beauty. Choose your home , Kitchen Design Essentials - A Case Study interior design , Choosing Paint Colours for a Neutral Colour Scheme style to best support your happiness.

Copyright © 2005 Jeanette J. Fisher. All rights reserved. (You may publish this article in its entirety with the following author's information , From Soiled to Stunning: How to Clean Leather and Fabric Upholstered Sofas with live links only.)
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Jeanette Fisher, author of Joy to the Home , Design Tips for a Spacious and Family-friendly Living Room Journal, interior design , The Stunning Brilliance of a Murano Chandelier and real estate books, has researched the effects of environment , Sauna Steam Rooms on emotions for over 15 years. Jeanette teaches college courses on Design , The Stunning Brilliance of a Murano Chandelier Psychology and professional real estate investing seminars. For free Design , Restoring a Home? There Are Lots of and Materials Decisions to Make Psychology reports, visit http://www.designpsych.com

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