Vintage Hearth Accessories Heat Up Your Fireplace

Article by: Martin Swinton

Curling up near a cozy fire , Glass Shower Doors Are A Brilliant Alternative is a wonderful winter , Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Ideas pastime but you'll need the right tools , Home Decorating - Bubble Glass to tend your fire. , Home Decorating - Bubble Glass Vintage fireplace accessories , Rawhide Lamp Shades for Rustic Lighting - How to Measure and Choose the Right Size Lampshade can add just the right atmosphere to your décor. Here's what you'll need to keep your fire , Wooden Shutters as Window Coverings also Protect from Hurricanes aglow.

Tool Sets

You may notice that vintage fireplace tool , Wooden Shutters as Window Coverings also Protect from Hurricanes sets can be larger in scale than modern sets. The reason is because in the 18th and early 19th centuries when a fire , Bar Stools and Counter Stools Complete Your Space was the only source of heating a home, , Outdoor Cedar Patio Furniture Goes Indoors! a large fireplace was essential and these larger fires , Now You Can Have Your Kitchen And Decorate It Too required large tools , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style to maintain them. Tool , Condo and Small Space Living sets for the fire , Canopy Tents "” a shovel, poker, brush and pair of tongs were usually made of brass, bronze or wrought iron. Bronze tools , Have You Feng Shui Yet? are more valuable than brass or wrought iron. Look for fireplace tool , Vinyl Shutters or Wooden Shutters are Ideal for Hurricane Protection sets to match the décor of your home. , Great Gift And Decor Ideas! Ornate Victorian tools , Decorating with Authentic Zebra Decor suit more traditional homes. , Outdoor Cedar Patio Furniture Goes Indoors! More modern decor , Bar Stools and Counter Stools Complete Your Space lends itself to the simple linear tools , Motherpie and Applehood reminiscent of the arts and crafts , Shower Doors period.


Andirons are iron supports used to rest burning logs in the fireplace. They were utilitarian and not particularly decorative. However, in the 18th century the French fancied up their andirons with ornate figures such as dogs, lions, fish, , Bar Stools and Counter Stools Complete Your Space mythological creatures or people. These were dubbed fire-dogs. Today, the terms andirons and firedogs are used interchangeably. These days we hold the burning logs in cast-iron grates. You'll still see andirons in antique shops. Add them to add a striking panache to your hearth.


A fender is three-sided rectangular shaped metal , Kitchen Island Ideas for Great Custom Kitchen Islands piece that keeps sparks from jumping onto carpets , Kitchen Design Trends: What's Hot for Your Kitchen? and flooring. , Glass Shower Doors Are A Brilliant Alternative They could be very ornamental at times.

Decorative Screens

There were several styles and purposes for screens "” to combat drafts or shield an individual from heat. , Kitchen Island Ideas for Great Custom Kitchen Islands Some were used to hide the fireplace in summer , Grandfather Clocks Through the Centuries months. These were called cheval screens. They could be decorative and were made from mahogany, rosewood or satinwood with needlepoint, tapestry or embroidery details. Some were made with unwanted fabric or leather. A pole screen was used when the fire , Kitchen Table Dining Nook-A Perfect Addition to Any Kitchen was lit. It was small, light , Kitchen Cabinet Finishes and Design and portable with an adjustable panel that could be square, oval or shield-shaped. It was used to protect the face when you were near the fire , Great Gift And Home Decor Ideas! "” either sitting to be warmed or stoking the fire. , Discounted Leather Club Chairs-Excellent Choice for Any Room in Your House Pole and cheval screens are hard to find these days because as central heating became available, screens were often discarded. If you do a cheval screen, you can still use it to hide the fireplace during the warmer months. Mesh screens came along later and served the same purpose as fenders. They held the popping embers in. Look for older mesh screens. They'll have two small rectangular notches at the base that were to allow for the andirons.


A matching set, consisting of a fireplace tool , Grandfather Clocks and Their Long, Longcase History set, fender and andirons is more valuable than a mismatched set. It's hard to find a complete fireplace set because over the years the sets were often broken up. If you have one, hang onto it.

Good News

There are lots of vintage fireplace tools , Kitchen Cabinet Finishes and Design out there. Since they were made of brass, bronze or wrought iron, many have survived over the years. You'll often find vintage fireplace tool , Computerized Steam Showers sets more affordable than new sets. Plus, vintage sets will have that great patina that newer sets cannot duplicate.
EzineArticles Expert Author Martin Swinton
Martin Swinton owns Take-A-Boo Emporium located in Toronto, Canada. He does furniture , Decor for Bedrooms: Find Your Perfect Design restoration; caning and rushing repairs; appraisals and has teaches courses on antiques. Martin can be reached at

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