Using Vintage Hankies To Decorate The Bedroom

Article by: Lee Dobbins

Vintage hankies can make interesting wall , Ergonomic Seating Options - Making the Right Choices décor! These treasures of yesteryear are beautifully made with lace and stamped patterns. Have them framed in vintage style frames for a striking effect. Frame them either folded in a corner or fully extended depending on the pattern. Hanging them on your walls , Room by Room Makeovers: Inviting Foyer Fixes can be easy if you follow the tips , Feng Shui Your Way Into Spring! below.

You can use flea market finds or hankies that belonged to your grandmother, but either way you'll need to set them up in a nice frame. Once you have done that, pick a spot that needs decorating , Cleaning Aluminum and Wooden Window Blinds and hang up your new artwork.

Stand back and take a good look. Does it look great or is there something just not right about it?

There are a few common errors that are made while hanging and arranging items on a wall. , Room by Room Makeovers: Inviting Foyer Fixes These errors look awkward to the eye, but you cannot put a finger on exactly what is wrong or how to , Oh, the Comforts of a Luxurious Down Comforter fix it. Use the guidelines below when arranging hankies on a wall:

Hanging Large Pieces:

Hankies in large frames can be the focus of your décor so you must make sure you hang them in a spot that is appropriate for the size and focus. Where is the best spot to hang large décor? Try over the bed , Oh, the Comforts of a Luxurious Down Comforter if you don't have a headboard, behind the couch, over a fireplace or on a feature , Outdoor Cedar Patio Furniture Goes Indoors! wall. A feature , Track Lighting is One of the Most Commonly Used wall is where the placement of furniture , 7 Point Checklist for Choosing the Right Candle Holders or the layout of the home , A Guide to Memory Foam Companies naturally guides the eye to a wall , A Guide to Memory Foam Companies - a great place , Outdoor Cedar Patio Furniture Goes Indoors! to feature , Ergonomic Seating Options - Making the Right Choices hankies.

Hanging Small Pieces:

Grouping smaller pieces can add interest and keep them from getting "lost". Using similar or matching frames and matting make this look more pleasing. If you don't have a group, a smaller piece should be hung low and close to the furniture. , Budget Decorating: Making A Room Divider

Hanging Pieces In Groups:

The key to grouping pieces together is to space them properly. Space them about 3" away from each other. Try positioning them on the floor , Style Ideas to Add Glamour to Your Home or a table to get a pleasing arrangement before placing the nails , How to Buy Custom Slip Covers and measure carefully before making any holes.


Framed hankies should be hung with the center of the hanky at eye level. That means the center should be about 60 to 66 inches from the floor. , Budget Decorating: Making A Room Divider If you've visited a gallery you will see that the frames are not lined up by their top or bottom edges but that the pictures are all centered at the same height. If your hanky will be viewed from a sitting position - like from a chair , Style Ideas to Add Glamour to Your Home or chaise, you should hang at the eye level of the sitter.

Anything hung behind the couch should be placed no more than 8 or 10 inches above the back of the couch. These easy tips , Floors To Suit Your Lifestyle and Budget - Part 2 will have you creating a unique and interesting designer , Floors To Suit Your Lifestyle and Budget - Part 2 look with vintage hankies in no time!
Lee Dobbins write for Bedroom Designs , 7 Point Checklist for Choosing the Right Candle Holders and Decorations where you can find out more about bedroom design , Cleaning Aluminum and Wooden Window Blinds themes.

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