Using Candles For Home Decorating While Entertaining During The Holidays

Article by: David Arnold Livingston

Candles bring meaning to many events in our lives, such as birthdays, holiday dinners, and religious celebrations. Candles add warmth, styl, and mood to every room , Table Top Silk Trees in your home. , Search Lighting Fixtures Online for Ideas and to Save Money Whatever the style of the candle, whether it's lit or unlit, it could be a wonderful adornment to any room. , Hire Painting Contractor for Professional House Painting Job

Before choosing how to , Vanities are Not Just Plain Wood Anymore use candles in your decor, , How To Stay Focused On Your Bedroom ating Project it's helpful to know what candles are made of:

1. Organic , Budget Decorating - What Is It? Candles - are non-toxic and biodegradable candles made of wax from palm , Hire Painting Contractor for Professional House Painting Job and soy beans.

2. Paraffin Candles - Paraffin wax is the commonly used material in making candles because it can easily be molded into desired shapes.

3. Gel Candles - are jellylike candles that produce a rainbow - like shine when lit.

4. Aromatherapy Candles - utilize natural , “Too Much Stuff” Syndrome or How Decorating and Organizing Can Help Your Sanity oils for a variety of benefits - to either calm or make one person more alert. The main purpose of aromatherapy candles is to induce the desired mental states for healing and relaxation.

5. Oil Lamps - usually composed of floating flowers , Pictures Need Placing With Care if They Are to Look Their Best and Enhance Your Home within pretty glass , Hardwood Floor Installation Guide bottles and produce different color , Lawn Furniture of flame as desired.

Candle accessories:

Candle accessories , Beds - Your Platform To Comfort are for candle enthusiasts with great taste for beauty and details. Homeowners with children and pets in the home , Italian Interior Design would choose an electric , A Hidden Jewel In Home Decorating, The Powder Room candle rather than real flaming candles. Candle quenchers may be used to eliminate the bad smell resulting from extiguishing a candle.

Candles could beautify your house , Home Decor Color Trends for 2006 and set the mood or they can be a nuisance. To make the most out of decorating , Hardwood Floor Installation Guide your house , Home Decor Color Trends for 2006 with candles, consider the following tips:

1. Combine candles of similar color , Eiderdown, For a Princely Sum You Can Sleep Like Royalty with varying shade and of different shapes together. Remember, using odd number of candles is more aesthetically pleasing than using an even number of candles.

2. Align tapers of different sizes with the tallest candle on the center and place , Powell Furniture - Make Your Kitchen A Gourmet Kitchen them at the center of any table.

3. Pick your favorite clear or colored bowl and fill it with water, , Don't Hire Someone to Steal Your Joy: Decorate Your Home Yourself! then let some candles float on it.

4. Change , Feng Shui Your Studio the fragrance and colors , Don't Hire Someone to Steal Your Joy: Decorate Your Home Yourself! of your candles with seasons , How to Choose the Best Mattress? Tips While Buying a Mattress and moods you desire or would like to revive.

5. Fill up your fireplace with candles to make it the centerpiece of the party.

6. Remember informal arrangement is more interesting than a too formal arrangement. Be creative.

7. Use unscented candles on the dining table so the flavor of the meals will not be overwhelmed by the candle's scent.

8. Floating candles in a swimming pool creates a wonderful effect during an outdoor , Silk Trees party at night. Just remember to take them out when the swimming session is about to begin.

9. Tealight Candles could be used as alternative to birthday candles.

10. Place , Bathroom Vanity Sinks Votive Candles on the coffee table to create a warm glow in the center of your living room. , Tips For Bath Design

11. Taper (dinner) candles will look nice on dining room , Bath Vanity Sinks tables and side tables.

12. Pillars will look nice when clustered together with various heights on a tray to create a centerpiece for the buffet table.

Successful candle decorating , 9 Amazing Tips To Transform A Small Space in the home , Building Your Own Grandfather Clock is not complete without keeping safety , Benefits of a Latex Mattress measures in mind. You don't want to fill your house , Home Decor Color Trends for 2006 with lit candles of magnanimous beauty only to find your house , Looking for Ashley Furniture in flames. Here are some guidelines for using candles safely.

- Don't place , Home Decor Color Trends for 2006 your candles beside the window , Home Decor Color Trends for 2006 or on combustible material.

- Remember to use non-flammable candleholders.

- Don't let children or pets play with the flaming candles.

- Always trim the wrick to prevent smoking.

- Don't forget to extinguish the candles when you don't need them anymore.

Using candles allows for stretching your creativity in a neat way like no other form of decorating. , Eiderdown, For a Princely Sum You Can Sleep Like Royalty Have fun with it!
David Arnold Livingston enjoys decorating , Powell Furniture - Make Your Kitchen A Gourmet Kitchen his home, , Contemporary Bedroom Furniture
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