Turning Your Child's Room into a Mysterious Jungle

Article by: Joey Lewitin

(When designing a child's room, , Contemporary Glass Art you want to create an atmosphere that inspires and stimulates them mentally. The room , Replacing Chandelier Parts should be interesting to the child, and should reinforce both rational thinking, and creativity. One way to achieve this goal is with a fun science based theme, which will present a topic in the natural , Fireplace Candelabras - The Easy Alternative To Burning Wood world in an exciting manner.)

The jungle is a dark and mysterious place, , Window Curtains, Rods and Drapes Are a Simple Solution to Home Decor Needs full of dense shrubs, , What are Murphy Beds? towering trees, , Replacing Chandelier Parts and shadows within which any number of strange animals could be lurking. It is a place , How to Choose a Futon Mattress of predators and prey. It is a place , Oriental Rug Care - Making Your Investment Last of exciting adventure. It is also a place , Crown Molding, a Question of Size that is full of the opportunity for learning more about animals, plants, , Marbro Lamp History and nature , Create Your Own Custom Scented Candle – Made To Your Specifications in general. If you present it in the right way, a jungle-themed child's room , Lamps can be an engaging, inspiring project that may encourage them to develop a long term love of learning and nature. , A Brief History of Wedgwood China

When preparing to develop a jungle themed décor, the first thing you should do is research. Get as many books as you can on the various animals and plants , How to Choose Kitchen Sink Faucets that live in the jungle. Encyclopedias and websites can provide good background knowledge, while books and magazines will give you more specific facts. Make copies of any pictures that inspire you, and take notes on anything that you and your child find interesting.

When you are ready to start applying your research to decorating , Contemporary Glass Art the area, you will want to begin by building , Home Decorating Makes A House Your Home the jungle's vegetation. Buy large pieces of construction paper in as many shades of green , Finding a Cuckoo Clock Repair Service and brown as you can. Lay the paper out on the floor , Oriental Rug Care - Making Your Investment Last or a large table, and trace the various plants , Create Your Own Custom Scented Candle – Made To Your Specifications you learned about in your research onto the paper. If you know the name of the plant, , How to Choose Kitchen Sink Faucets or anything about it, write this on the back of the tracing. Carefully cut out the shapes that you created using either scissors or an exact-o knife. Always be very careful when involving sharp tools , 4 Basic Guidelines for Your Window Treatment in any project that you undertake with your child. When the plants , How To Give Your Home A Rustic Lodge Look have been cut out you can use double sided scotch tape to adhere them to the walls. , 4 Basic Guidelines for Your Window Treatment Thumbtacks can also be used, but be careful using them around any child for whom they may become a choking hazard. Start with just a few trees , Lamps and plants, , What is a Platform Bed? and add more until you feel that your jungle is dense enough.

Another method you can use for creating plants , Lamps - Flourescent, Incandescent, LED, HID, or Oil? is to create stencils of the many different shapes that you want, and then trace them onto your walls , Pass the Salt - It's a Hot Collectible with paint , Don't Just Decorate It - Accessorize It! or colored pencils. This will give the room , Contemporary Glass Art more of a finished look, and will almost certainly be more attractive than cut-out designs. , Create Your Own Custom Scented Candle – Made To Your Specifications The drawback to this method is that it is much more permanent than construction paper and removing the stenciled drawing when you are ready for a new look will be more difficult.

To create the look of hanging vines, dip pieces of rope into green paint , Decorate Your Dining Room on a Budget and wait for them to dry. Then string them from ceiling to wall , Marbro Lamp History across the room. , A Guide To Skylights Vinyl Windows Be careful that the rope is out of the reach of the child, and doesn't present a strangulation hazard in any way. Small monkey figurines can be hung from the rope to give it added effect.

3D plants , Pass the Salt - It's a Hot Collectible will solidify the illusion you are creating. To create a vegetation model, buy plastic plant , Corner Baker's Rack: Create Extra Storage Space and Style pots and attach long cardboard tubes, upright, to the bottom of them using tape. These tubes can be found in the center of most rolls of wrapping paper. Use construction paper to create the leaves and the branches of your plant, , A Brief History of Wedgwood China then cut them out and attach them to the top of the tube. If you find that the construction paper is too weak to create a solid branch, try placing two pieces of construction paper around a piece of cardboard to provide support.

An even better way to create a full jungle look is to bring in real plants. , Heart of the Home - Faux Finished Kitchen Cabinetry This should be done cautiously and with full consideration that a child can harm or damage a plant , Marbro Lamp History if they are not aware of the responsibility of having a living thing in their room. , Bath Furniture Before adding plants , Used Furniture Stores to the area, discuss with the child all of the implications that the plant , Replacing Chandelier Parts will have. It is a life, in their room, , Crown Molding, a Question of Size and they are responsible for guarding the plant , Home Decorating Makes A House Your Home against harm, from themselves and others. If you feel the child is ready, you should move only one or two plants , Window Curtains, Rods and Drapes Are a Simple Solution to Home Decor Needs in at a time. Give the child some of the responsibility for watering their plants, , Corner Baker's Rack: Create Extra Storage Space and Style and carefully monitor its health. If the youngster proves that they can handle having a living entity in their room, , Bath Furniture you can continue to add to their plant , Bathroom Furniture collection.

Once you have your vegetation in place, , Marbro Lamp History you can start to populate it with the many strange animals that live in a jungle. Using the construction paper cut out method you used to create the wall plants, , Window Curtains, Rods and Drapes Are a Simple Solution to Home Decor Needs draw and cut out some of the animals that you researched. When placing them on the wall, , How To Add French Country Style To Your Kitchen situate them slightly behind some of the leaves and branches of the plants , Wood Picture Frame that are already there in order to better incorporate them into the scene.

Expand on your flat , Contemporary Glass Art animals using stuffed animals and statues. Animal toys and figurines can be arranged in action poses against the plant , Silk Trees background. Stuffed animals can be scattered around the room, , Vintage Hearth Accessories Heat Up Your Fireplace hidden behind dressers or with faces poking out of the shadows of the closet. Using items such as these makes the room , What is a Platform Bed? more interactive, and turns the whole setting into a toy.

A simple finishing touch is to make a recording, with your child, of the various animal noises that you would hear in a jungle. Watching National Geographic and episodes of various other nature , Home Décor for First Timers (no matter what your age) specials can give you an idea of what a jungle would sound like. You will want the recording to be at least five minutes long in order to be effective.

As you place , Decorating Children's Bedrooms the different elements in the room, , Marbro Lamp History write technical information , Crown Molding, a Question of Size that you researched on the back and underside of the items. That way, when it is time to change , Recessed Lighting Installations the theme, you and the child can revisit many of the facts that you learned while building , Recessed Lighting Installations the decorations. Compliment the child on any facts that they remembered, and go over the information , Marbro Lamp History to freshen it in their heads.

Working with your child to develop a themed room , Corner Baker's Rack: Create Extra Storage Space and Style offers many chances for meaningful interaction with them. Use this experience as a way to get to know them better. Ask them questions; find out what they like, and how their minds work. As you develop the look and feel of the room, , Bed Furniture Contemporary Choices: Beds you will also be developing and deepening your relationship with the child.

Children should not try any of these ideas out themselves without the consent and supervision of an adult. Caution should always be used in any activity that involves a child. Make certain that none of your decorative efforts puts your child in danger in any way.
Joey Lewitin is an artist and interior designer , 4 Basic Guidelines for Your Window Treatment who has always advised the use of creativity in decorating , Lamps - Flourescent, Incandescent, LED, HID, or Oil? ones home. , 7 Kitchen Design Ideas For many years he has been one of the premier Pebble Artists working with PebbleArt Inc to create unique home , A Brief History of Wedgwood China décor accessories , Pass the Salt - It's a Hot Collectible using natural , Bathroom Furniture stone - These designs , Wrought Iron Baker’s Rack: Beautiful and Elegant can be seen at PebbleZ.com

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