The Truth About Thread Counts!

Article by: Pat Bowlin

A generation ago, no home , Restoring a ? There Are Lots of Design and Materials Decisions to Make maker worried about thread counts!

Thread counts have become one of the deciding factors for many people when they're buying bed , Why Egyptian Cotton Is Still King linens today though. The truth about thread counts may seem a bit difficult to understand. It doesn't have to! More than just the thread count affects how bedding , Bathroom Decorating feels and how comfortable you will be when sleeping with it on your bed. , Reversible Decorating For Your Kitchen Let's check into this alittle bit. Then you can make informed decisions about your bedding , How To Find the Best Kids Online when you're ready to purchase again.

Our grandparents and parents slept on lower thread count cotton sheets and did just fine, right? These sheets were serviceable, but could feel abit thin and unsubstantial by our standards these days.

Today, bed , Romance Your Home with Feng Shui linens can be found from a lowly 120 thread count up to as high as 1200. Who knows, maybe even higher soon!

Is all this talk about thread counts much ado about nothing? Well, the answer is yes and no. Thread count alone will not tell you how bedding , A Search for the World's Largest Chandelier will feel to the touch or how well it will hold up over long years of use.

The feel of bedding, , Mini Blinds: An Introduction what the sheets feel like on your skin, is known as "hand" or "handle". The hand of the bedding , Restoring a Home? There Are Lots of Design and Materials Decisions to Make does have something to do with thread count, but that's not the only factor. The way the bedding , Room by Room Makeovers: Kitchens for Cooking and Entertaining is woven and the content of the fabric have a lot to do with the hand of the bedding. , Floor Mats The character, or individuality of a material includes how the fabric drapes, the elasticity, softness and fineness of how that particular sheet feels.

The ply is a factor that defines the number of single yards , Home Interior Design Tips on Decorating your Space with Wall Art which are twisted to become the ply yard , Pendant Lighting Layout - How To from which the bedding , Making Your Home Your Home is woven. By twisting these single yards , Traditional Lighting - What Is It? together to form the ply yard, , Country Curtains for a Homey Country Feeling the fabric is more resilient and long lasting. The ply yarns are twisted together to form cord- and the cord is the actual material used in the weaving process.

Finish is another characteristic of bedding , A Look at Memory Foam Slippers which affects how it will feel to the skin. Percale is a plain weave of cotton or polyester/cotton blended yarns. This finish usually uses a higher thread count and a finer yarn. Sateen is another finish for cotton fabric that is woven in such as way that the surface is smooth and lustrous, reminding us of satin. Flannel is a brushed fiber finish which is quite warm, soft and cuddly- it can be created from 100% cotton fibers or a polyester/cotton blend.

Now that we know a bit about what makes one sheet different from another sheet, let's get the facts go back to the facts about thread count. The actual definition of thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric going horizontal and vertical. Generally speaking, the higher thread count materials will have softer textures- or hands. However, the bedding , How to Choose a Futon Mattress has to be viewed from an overall standpoint and take into account the fabric composition and the finish to determine how soft a sheet will actually be.

The most favored thread counts in bed , Outdoor Bar Stools linens today are in the 200 to 600 range. The best combination of softness and durability are found in this range.

However, a 200 thread count cotton sheet woven with a sateen finish can be softer and more luxurious feeling than a 400 or 600 count sheet of standard cotton in a plain weave. Egyptian cotton, which has a longer fiber than other cottons, when woven into a 200 thread count sateen finish sheet may feel more luxurious and softer than either of the other choices.

Single ply sheets of top quality cotton may feel more luxurious than double ply sheets. The only real means of rating how a sheet will feel to you is to touch it.

Look for what features , Making Your Home Your Home are most important to you when selecting your next set of bed , Decorating Ideas For Mobile Homes linens.

If you want few or no wrinkles, choose a polyester/cotton blend. Less crisp, less cool than cotton.

If you like the feel of satin or silk, but don't like sliding off the bed, , Try using bathroom mirrors in your bathroom to reflect objects of interest choose a 100% cotton sateen weave. =)

If you like the extra warm feel of flannel, select brushed cotton or flannel finish- but be aware that this weave often pills quickly after only a few washings. (Look for the highest ounce weight fabric you can find to minimize this).

Percale often softens more and more as it is washed again and again. Simple, elegant, cool.

Egyptian cotton is King, with the longest cotton fibers available to date. Supima cotton is also excellent, with a tiny bit shorter fiber length. Either of them becomes softer and even more sumptuous with each washing! You can't go wrong no matter what with either.

It's important to choose bed , Pendant Lighting Layout - How To linens that you find feel good to you rather than select based on some designer , Design theory of thread count. So, don't be taken in by a high price tag. Just because a sheet costs a lot doesn't necessarily mean it will feel any better than a less expensive sheet.
Patricia Bowlin is a successful author and publisher who loves to help you find everything you need to know about chosing just the perfect pillows, blankets, bed , Tuscan Style Decorating - Three Essential linens, comforters, and other bedding , Bathroom Decorating here now.

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