The concept of positive and negative spaces in interior design

Article by: Shrinivas Vaidya

When talking about positive and negative spaces it is important to first understand the term "space" in itself. In interior design , Unique Home Decor - Thinking Outside the Box any volume which is being contained within masonry walls , The Allure of Exotic Hardwood Floors and are habitable is normally termed as space.

The volume that gets enclosed in an architectural structure is just a tiny fraction of the vast amount of "universal space". By universal space I mean the cosmos or the gigantic vastness in which our planet , Chandelier Lighting and all other planets, , Displaying Posters: Some Ways You Never Thought Of starts etc.. survive.

The volume, which gets contained in a building, , Selecting Chandelier Lighting for Your Home varies according to the use of the building. , What are Water Softeners? A cinema theatre and a bedroom will surely have different purposes and hence volume. Volume gets defined by three factors, length, breadth and height of the habitable room. , Adding Rustic Tuscan and Italian Country Decor to Your Kitchen

But irrespective of the volume both types of buildings , How To Choose The Best Wine Rack To Buy For Your Home mentioned above have "spaces" enclosed within. Lets consider the bedroom for the sake of this article.

A typical bedroom will have certain architectural elements attached to it at the time of construction of the building , Adding Rustic Tuscan and Italian Country Decor to Your Kitchen and certain "imposed" later for the sake of proper function. Also it is important to note that no one builds bedrooms in isolation. A bedroom is always a part of the entire home , Silhouette Blinds – How Are They Different From Other Blinds? plan.

The architectural elements already present in a bedroom would be attached toilet and its entrance door, , Silhouette Blinds – How Are They Different From Other Blinds? attached terrace , Wicker Bathroom Furniture or backyard , Silhouette Blinds – How Are They Different From Other Blinds? entry, attached study room. , Give your old furniture a new life! All these spaces have work like supplementary role in a bedroom. Now the "imposed" elements are the furniture , Make the Best Out of Your Home Renovation in the room, , Carlton Ware: A Colourful Collectible other accessories , A Futon Mattress Looks Great With a Splashy Futon Cover that will occupy the space in a bedroom.

A typical bedroom will have a double bed, , White and neutral tone colors blend well with other decorating schemes wardrobe, dressing table, side tables, study table, book shelf etc.. All these are necessary to use the room , Silhouette Blinds – How Are They Different From Other Blinds? in a comfortable way. When these furniture , Home Interior Decorating are arranged in a room , Home Interior Decorating what remains is termed as the "circulation space". Now most people think that the volume of the furniture , Finding a Color Scheme - Decorating with What you Have and the remaining empty space must have a balance
between them. Because it is not the occupied volume, but the empty volume, that decides the comfort levels inside , Carpet Steam Cleaning a room. , Want a Fresh Look in Your Bed? Add Texture!

If you visit a store room , Indoor Fountains: Enhance Your Interior Decor with Wall Fountains! on the basement , Rawhide Lamp Shades for Rustic Lighting - How to Measure and Choose the Right Size Lampshade of a house , Antique Door Knobs which is normally used to dump useless things, you will notice that the empty space remained is very less and hence the comfort levels there, are poor. So in interior design , Displaying Posters: Some Ways You Never Thought Of the "empty space" is equally important. Now here comes the concept of positive and negative spaces. Normally a negative space is considered a
space which can not be used for a specific human activity.

But this is not true. As said above the over all comfort levels in a room , Stainmaster Carpet Is Your Best Choice is determined by both the occupied as well as non-occupied spaces. So any smallest piece of floor , Decorate Your Home for Joy Using Design Psychology area that is not being occupied is going to contribute to the comfort levels.

That's why the terminology of being positive and negative as far as usability is considered becomes a personal matter. What you think as a useless and non functional space can become a good place , Cottage Style Home Decorating: 10 Tips for a Cozy Cottage Style Home Office for your kid and his friends when they play hide and seek. It's just the viewpoint to look at thing that matters.

Also a little creativity can alter a non-functional space into a functional one. But remember what I said earlier, in interior design , Create Your Own Custom Scented Candle – Made To Your Specifications empty space matters. It is not just beautiful furniture, , Great Gift And Home Decor Ideas! costly paints/wallpapers/paintings that are going to decorate , Carlton Ware: A Colourful Collectible your rooms. , Adding Rustic Tuscan and Italian Country Decor to Your Kitchen Finally it boils down to only one thing, YOU and
YOUR mental as well as physical health in that space.

I hope this article was helpful to everyone.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

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Shrinivas Vaidya discusses some excellent tips , Cottage Style Home Decorating: 10 s for a Cozy Cottage Style Home Office on home , Interior Decorating renovation at his website. You will also find some great concept level thinking on bedrooms and decorating , Oak Entertainment Centers ideas.

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