The allure of historical wall tapestries

Article by: Godfrey Bazalgette

Since antiquity people have used textiles for all range of purposes. From blankets for warmth, to elaborate woven fabrics for commerce, they have been at the very center of human life.

The need for textiles, combined with our desire to enhance the world around us, has given rise to a huge range of fabric based art, everything from basic colored cloth to complex woven textiles. Tapestries and wall , Conservatory Furniture - Hints and Tips hangings have long been one of the most accomplished forms of this art, having a history dating back millennia, and artists from almost all cultures have contributed some form of textile wall , Choose The Right Colors and Placement For Your Flowers art.

Recently tapestries and wall , Buying Loft Beds hangings have enjoyed a rise in interest, with many people looking beyond traditional options for wall decor. , Curtains, Windows, and Feng Shui The tactile nature , Sauna And Steam Baths of tapestries, combined with their rich history, has made them once again a choice for the well-informed home , A New Futon Cover Can Really Jazz Up a Room improver.

Traditional tapestry designs

Although there is an increasing amount of contemporary art available as tapestries, it is the traditional designs , Where to Buy Discount Duvet Covers from the past that are the most popular. Since tapestries have enjoyed a long history these can include anything from Gothic wall , Discount Bedroom Furniture hangings, to French Baroque and Rococo works from the 17th and 18th centuries, to more recent 19th century William Morris and Pre-Raphaelite art.

The main appeal of these impressive works is their connection with history. The range of designs , War Rugs and themes is vast and include subject matter as diverse as the rise and fall , The Benefits of Wood Platform Beds of nations, the importance of art movements at different times, and the prominence of individual artists and groups. Most appealing is that each has its own claim to history. This combination of artistic excellence and history writ large is proving irresistible to many art lovers who yearn for more depth in their home , Sauna And Steam Baths decor choices.

There are many famous tapestries from the past. In particular the middle ages took wall , A Look at Body Fat Scales tapestries from the domain of practical decor , Bamboo Furniture - It's Worth The Look! into the realms of art. Boasting famous works like the Bayeux Tapestry and the Lady and the Unicorn series, the medieval era is seen by many as the golden age of tapestry art. More importantly for the first time we see tapestry wall , Using Less to Create the Feel of More hangings widely appreciated as works of art, rather than just practical pieces of home , Shower Curtains Can Give Your Bathroom a Quick and Easy Makeover! furnishing.

A growing , Beaded Curtains popularity

Reproductions of these famous works are proving very popular with modern audiences. Given the historical importance of these works of art some of the current productions available are fastidious copies of the originals. The very best of these capture the drama and virtuosity of historical art, perfectly blending it with modern weaving methods. The end result is often very faithful to the original artists' vision, with all the durability and appeal of modern fabrics.

From the vivid colors , Lighting with Electrons of medieval tapestries, to the exoticism of Eastern schools of weaving, traditional tapestry designs , What's Your Poison? How You Can Say This to Your Friends While Entertaining With Your Own Home Bar! often surprise modern art lovers with their attention to detail, their ability to capture emotion and their exploration of timeless themes such as love and romance.

An enduring allure

Because of this these centuries-old designs , Feng Shui Inspiration: 10 Easy Things to do to Truly Inspire You are enjoying a renewed prominence and are once again making their way into the homes , Sauna And Steam Baths of taste conscious art lovers. Every tapestry, because of the individuality of the weaving process, is a unique work of art unlike any other. In a world driven by mass production art and home , Dining Chair Slipcovers - A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests! decor enthusiasts are drawn to the uniqueness of wall , Welcome Summer in Style with These 8 Ideas! tapestries as an antidote to the monotony of many other decor , Bamboo Furniture - It's Worth The Look! options.

Now, despite their ancient origins, many people are again looking towards historical tapestries and wall , Basic Troubleshooting for a Ceiling Fan hangings as an answer to their modern home , Glass Coffee Tables decor aspirations. With an ever growing , Traditional Lighting - What Is It? range of options for shoppers the choice has never been better.

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Godfrey Bazalgette writes extensively on art, history, tapestries and textiles. He is one of the founding partners of The Tapestry House, , A Guide to Memory Foam Mattresses purveyors of fine quality tapestries & wall , The Benefits of Wood Platform Beds hangings.

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