The ABC of Being a Good Interior Designer

Article by: Rekha I Nambiar

It may seem that all you need to be a good interior designer , Baby Bedding – A Guide To A Safe Crib. is a sense of aesthetics and a flair for design. , The Cost of Granite Countertops That is a good start, yes, but it gets you about five feet forward in terms of your career. The first thing to do is to turn a latent, in-born talent into an effective tool. , 7 Kitchen Design Ideas Just because you can figure out what looks nice and what doesn't does not make you a good designer , Decorating Your Older Home for Comfortable Living or decorator. You may know how to , Wooden Vs. Steel Furniture - Which One Should I Choose? use light , Contemporary Bathroom Furniture and colour, , Pictures Need Placing With Care if They Are to Look Their Best and Enhance Your Home how to , Do You Have a "Master" Bedroom? You Shouldn't! Tips for Remodeling Your Bedroom synthesize architectural elements with design , A Hidden Jewel In Home Decorating, The Powder Room details and how to , Solar Flood Light integrate space and design, , Materials for Kitchen Backsplash s but that is about five percent of the work. Most of the real work begins when you come to the execution.

Some formal education in the basic concepts of interior design , Acrylic Paints are Different from Oil Painting is absolutely essential. There are many schools, which will give you a basic background course, and most of them are diplomas, but they are all very elementary in terms of the knowledge and the skills , Cottage Style Home Decorating: Cottage Cozy in the City they provide you with. You could either pursue a full-fledged course at a reputed institute, preferably one with accreditation; or you could learn by working with someone who is a storehouse of talent. Work with the best, work for free if you have to, because it will be worth it. But regardless of where you get the education and for how long, the one thing an interior designer , Glass Coffee Tables must always remember is that one is a lifelong student. Every day gives you an opportunity to learn something new about the trade and explore another aspect of its limitless potential.

If you have an eye for design, , Decorating Your Older Home for Comfortable Living make sure that is turned into an artful skill, , Designer Look On A Budget - 10 Tips To Decorating On A Budget by practicing at every opportunity. Read everything you can, observe design , Window Coverings Are Very Important to a Room's Overall Decor - Be Sure to Choose the Right Ones! aspects wherever you go"¦make mental notes and if possible keep a journal with points you pick up along the way. There is no substitute for hands on experience so get into it as early as possible. If you aren't paid for it, don't worry"¦learn all you can and explore every opportunity to test your know-how. Because it will tell you all you don't-know-how-to. Use your home , The Value of Antique Cuckoo Clocks and any space that is offered to you as a guinea pig. Work out your concepts and present your vision. Explore the dimensions of your own creativity before you ask others to entrust their money ,time and space to you.

Create a portfolio of your work. Try to do as many varied projects as possible. It will teach you all you need to know first-hand and also work as a showcase for your talent. Interior design , Log Home Interiors and Log Home Interior Ideas or decor , Trash or Treasure: Assessing Your Possessions is about space planning, conceptual genius and a lot of hard work. While design , Ashley Furniture Gives Helpful Tips is a major aspect, if you don't have fundamental business skills, , Faux Wood Blinds Make Great Window Coverings you will never be able to succeed independently. When you strip it of the design , Trash or Treasure: Assessing Your Possessions and glamour accoutrements, what you have left is a lot of planning and time-management skills, , Looking for a Butcher Block Table? labour , Faux Wood Blinds Make Great Window Coverings management, client handling, costing analyses and execution abilities. If you cannot transform what is in your head into something that is concrete, , What's Your Poison? How You Can Say This to Your Friends While Entertaining With Your Own Home Bar! you are perhaps better suited to the drawing board.

Research every aspect of your trade. Find suppliers, understand products , What's Your Poison? How You Can Say This to Your Friends While Entertaining With Your Own Home Bar! and build relationships. These people will be your backbone. The stronger they are, the more upright your standing will be professionally. They can get you better deals, which means you can offer clients a better deal, and that is one way a new kid on the block gets business. Once you are familiar with different styles, concepts in flooring, , The Cost of Granite Countertops wall , Window Coverings Are Very Important to a Room's Overall Decor - Be Sure to Choose the Right Ones! coverings, soft furnishings, accessories , Pictures Need Placing With Care if They Are to Look Their Best and Enhance Your Home and art you must find the suppliers who will actually deliver the goods.

While you are meeting clients, learn to do one thing. It will determine your success as an interior designer. , Home Decorating with Asian Decor and Asian Furniture It is not your ability to design. , The Reasons Why Gas Fireplace Logs Heat Your Chimney Better Than Your Room It is your ability to LISTEN. Understand your client. Find out what their lifestyle is. Discover what their likes and dislikes are. Find out what they need and desire. You will find that it may not necessarily coincide with what you would instinctively recommend. Which leaves you with two choices. If you can find a point of convergence, try to assimilate their wants into your presentation as much as possible. If you find no meeting ground, you are better off recommending someone who can deliver the goods rather than work on a project where you will derive no satisfaction, and the client will offer no appreciation. At the end of the day your designing style and their requirements have to meet halfway. For it to be a worthwhile enterprise.

A smart thing to do while you train to become an interior designer , Materials for Kitchen Backsplash Designs is to specialize. You could always diversify later, but initially it is a good idea to find a niche for yourself. , Designer Look On A Budget - 10 Tips To Decorating On A Budget If you would like to do residential interiors , Ideas for Decorating the Baby Nursery Walls focus on that for a few years. If commercial spaces are your cup of tea, gain experience in such contracts. If you think you want to be left only to design , Furniture Stores and stay away from the rest of the madness, then stick to just designing. If organizational skills , 7 Kitchen Design Ideas are your forte, turn to project management. Find out what your skills , The Cost of Granite Countertops are and then start honing them. Until you reach a stage when you can start honing another skill. , Ideas for Decorating the Baby Nursery Walls

A good interior designer , Decorating Your Older Home for Comfortable Living should be able to work well with anyone from the architect to the civil contractor. , Home Decor Accessories - How to Create a New Look in a Room If you just want to do your own thing regardless of their suggestions or requirements, the simplest project will turn into a nightmare. At the end of the day, if you, along with all the others involved in the project, including your client, cannot be a cohesive team, the whole thing will fall , Selecting Bean Bag Chairs to Suit Your Home Decor apart.

If your creative genius can be coupled with practical ability, you are well on your way to becoming a successful interior designer. , Solar Flood Light

Learn the ABC of being a good designer

--Integrate concepts and styles to give a unified décor

--Maintain a sense of equilibrium. Balance is the key.

--Know your field. Know your client. Never presume to be bigger than either.

--Never stop learning--Never stop listening

--Innovate. Don't get trapped into predictable design. , Cottage Style Home Decorating: Cottage Cozy in the City

--Never underestimate the value of good service. It tends to pay higher dividends than design. , Decorate Your Bedroom Like a Bed & Breakfast Inn: 10 Tips

--Time management and scheduling skills. , Wooden Vs. Steel Furniture - Which One Should I Choose? Plan , Canopy Tents and execute.

--Coordination skills , Decorate Your Dining Room on a Budget and being a team worker.

--Business expertise. Do an MBA if you have to but get your business concepts right.

--Patience--Eye for detail--Design Skills--Style

--Knowing the latest trends. Information , Trash or Treasure: Assessing Your Possessions keeps you ten steps ahead.

--Understanding different decorating , Pictures Need Placing With Care if They Are to Look Their Best and Enhance Your Home styles, their uses and limitations
Rekha I Nambiar is an interior designer , Acrylic Paints are Different from Oil Painting based in New Delhi,India. She runs her own business in interiors, , Selecting Bean Bag Chairs to Suit Your Home Decor furniture and furnishings.She is also a consultant for all sourcing related to home , Antiquities-Interrelation of Furniture Designs furnishings,furniture and interior design , Log Home Interiors and Log Home Interior Ideas in India.

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