The 7 Schools Of Feng Shui

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Everyone has heard of Feng Shui, , The Benefits of Air Mattresses but what exactly is it? Feng Shui , Outdoor Indoor Patio Furniture is an ancient Chinese belief that involves the study of both the natural , Tips on How to Give Your Bathroom a New Look and the created environments. , Cork Tile Flooring To achieve a balance between the 2 affects the energy , Creating a Summer Flower Arrangement of a room. , Wood Bar Stools

7 Schools Of Feng Shui

There are many different versions of Feng Shui, , Treat Yourself and Your Windows each influenced by culture, geography, and religion. There are 7 predominant types or schools of Feng Shui:

1. The Compass School uses the 8 trigrams of the I-Ching. They are known collectively as Pa Kua, which is based on the 8 main directions of a compass. Each direction is associated with a specific chi. For example, southern is vibrant energy. , 15 Summer Decorating Ideas

2. The Form School, based on the landscape's shape, uses 4 symbolic animals to identify the landscape. , Handy Tips Concerning Rustic Log Beds Easy to use, the Form School (along with the Compass School) increases chi both in and out of the home. , Outdoor Indoor Patio Furniture

3. The Black Hat Sect uses a fixed entry point to determine the area. Although similar to the Compass School philosophy, it has differences. The Black Hat Sect also consists of psychology, Buddhism and basic design , Basic Furniture and Its Place In principles.

4. 8 Mansion School, also known as the 8 House , Granite counter tops Part.II Feng Shui, is based on the individual number of the person living in the home. , Decorating Ideas to Make Your Living Room more Livable That number is used to bring harmony and balance to the home. , Decorating For Under $100 People who use this system have both lucky and unlucky numbers, with the west numbers being 2, 6, 7, and 8 and the east numbers being 1, 3, 4, and 9.

5. The 9 Star Key School uses stars to help identify lucky and unlucky days. This school of thought uses complicated math formulas to pinpoint when a person will get married and the astrological sign of the future marriage partners. It will also tell the practitioner how to , A Look at Custom Shutters live based on his house. , Tips on How to Give Your Bathroom a New Look

6. The most common form of Feng Shui, , Examining 5 Kitchen Design Styles based on astrology and numerology, is the Flying Star Philosophy. Difficult to understand and learn, it is also based on mathematical principals and is used to determine a person's fate.

7. Four Pillars, the final school of thought, is not very common. Based on astrology tied to the person's date of birth right down to the minutes, this form of Feng Shui , Handy Tips Concerning Rustic Log Beds is also used to determine a person's fate.

5 Elements Of Feng Shui

After determining which school of thought is best for an individual, it is important to understand the 5 elements of Feng Shui. , Glass They are: Earth, , Contemporary Bathroom Vanities Fire, , Lighting Up a Seniors Life - Baby Boomer Alert! Water, , Glass Metal, , Baby Quilts - Traditional Or With A Twist and Wood. , If These Walls Could Talk Balance and harmony can be created in a home , Glass through the use of these elements. If used incorrectly, however, the energy , 15 Summer Decorating Ideas can be lessened or even destroyed.

Each of the 5 elements is also associated with a direction:
Earth , Handy Tips Concerning Rustic Log Beds -- Southwest
Fire , Cork Tile Flooring -- South
Water , Basic Furniture and Its Place In Design -- North
Metal , Contemporary Bathroom Vanities -- West
Wood , Glass -- East

Beauty And Balance

In a Feng Shui home, , Glass all rooms , Glass should achieve a balance of these elements, although some items may weigh heavier than others. A chair , The Benefits of Granite Kitchen Sinks might score 3 times more than a throw pillow, for example, because of the size difference.

Properly applied, Feng Shui , How to Buy Discount Roman Shades brings both beauty and balance to the home , Antiquities-Interrelation of Furniture Designs or office.

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Visit Feng Shui Home , Decorating For Under $100 Design to learn more. Ron King is a full-time researcher, writer, and web , Luxury for Less: 10 Easy Budget Decorating Ideas developer, visit his website at Articles for authors Copyright 2006 Ron King. This article may be reprinted if the resource box is left intact and the links live. Submitted with Article Distributor.

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