Rug Hooking: 5 Styles To Choose From

Article by: John Murray

Rug hooking has been around for centuries. In fact it is believed to date back to the third century where descendants of ancient Egyptians are believed to have made the very first hand hooked rugs. , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style It is believed that China began making rug , Beds: Smart Buying Tips hooking shortly after.

Of course over time it made it's way to the western world where it is considered as one of North America's oldest folk art styles. Colonial women could not afford to have these rugs , Vertical Blinds Add a Classy Touch as Window Coverings shipped from Europe so they were quick to figure out how to , Bringing the Inside Out make their own by using rags. It was the perfect solution to covering up bare floors. , Is it "Couch" or "Sofa?" Which Goes Best with "Potato?" They used burlap sacks that the livestock feed came in as the bottom of the hook rag rugs. , Fireplace Candelabras - The Easy Alternative To Burning Wood

By the 1940s it was no longer required as a functional decor , Cuckoo Clocks For ating The Walls element but it became one of the most popular and fastest growing , Keep Things In Order With A Written Home Decorating Plan hobbies in North America. It was quick to catch on because it's easy to learn. Today it is still a popular pastime and a terrific folk art addition to a room. , Bath Vanity Sinks

There are 5 styles of rug , Architectural Accents and Art: a Retreat from the World hooking to choose from

1. Primitive

This is perfect for the beginner because it is the easiest style to learn. It uses ¼" strips of wool and produces simplistic works that resemble child type drawings. Thus it's name "Primitive." There is no realism in style or pattern but it's got a style all of its own! These rugs , Grandfather Clocks: How to Set One Up In Your Home fit into an antique decor , What is an Interior Re-Designer and How Can They Help Me? or a modern decor. , The Benefits of Granite Kitchen Sinks

2. Pictorial

Here you will create a landscape , The Many Changing Colors of Feng Shui picture. Hook sizes and the width of the wool will vary depending on the pattern. The object here is to have your rug , Wood Picture Frame hooking look like a picture. The pictorial style makes a great themed rug , Track Lighting is One of the Most Commonly Used for an entrance.

3. Geometric

Is also called Abstract and it's another good starter for a beginner. The piece is composed of triangles, circles, squares, and diamonds. The four basic shapes. The width of the wool and the hook size will depend on the size of your geometric shapes and the size of the rug. , Wood Bar Stools Trendy and fun a perfect rug , What You Should Know Aboout Ventless Fireplaces for a relaxed and casual room. , Antique Carpets

4. Waldoboro

Named after the town of Waldoboro in Maine because this is where a woman first came up with this style of hooking. It's different because the rug , A Look at Industrial Scales is hooked on wool back instead of linen or burlap and the wool is then sculpted to give a dimensional pattern, design, , Beds: Smart Buying Tips or picture. These are very much a work of art that will fit in any room. , Wood Picture Frame Hang it on the wall , Classy Bathroom Faucets Bring Amazing Life to a New Bathroom Vanity and place , Summertime Simplicity in Your Home Decorating it on the floor. , A Look at Industrial Scales

5. Realistic

The realistic style uses a narrow strip of wool no wider than 1/8". Just as the name says this is suppose to result in a very realistic looking picture. It can be a portrait, a floral, or any other realistic scene. You'll be working with a variety of colors , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style to get the correct shading. When you've perfected this style your rug , Closet Organizer will come to life! You'll have a portrait that captures your heart or a bouquet you can smell. Definitely the hardest type of rug , Keep Things In Order With A Written Home Decorating Plan hooking but also the most rewarding.

Rug hooking is a tradition of time that has been carried forward to our modern world and still enjoyed by many. Rug , Slipcovers - Make Them Yourself hooking provides beautiful , Spice Up Your Bedroom With An Innovative Bedding Ensemble works of art that make marvelous wall , Get A Summer Kitchen Look Anytime Of Year hangings or rugs , Varieties of Fabric Shower Curtains that make a statement. Now that you know the 5 styles of rug , Spring Decorating Tips hooking why not give it a try?
John Murray makes it easy to go through the carpet , What is an Interior Re-Designer and How Can They Help Me? buying process and provides tips , Information to Help You Understand the Difference Between Mini Blinds, Wood Blinds, and Vinyl Blinds to keep your carpet , Cuckoo Clocks For Decorating The Walls lasting long. To learn more and receive your free mini-course visit the carpet , Cuckoo Clocks For Decorating The Walls rugs website.

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