Relocating? Got Furniture?

Article by: Kyle Thomas Haley

There are many businesses out there which rent furniture , Globes by the month. You need a couch? Rent one for only $40 per month. Need a lamp? You can get one for $12 a month. Now,
let's see, in one year you would have paid $480 to use the couch and you wouldn't own it. The lamp would have cost you $144 and it's the same situation ~ at the end of your lease, you still own nothing.

Most of us would think it foolish to rent furniture. , Newest Craze in Decorating is Silk Flowers in Acrylic Water But, that isn't always the case. There are situations where renting may be the best option. Consider these scenarios:

"¢ Your company transfers you to a new location , Reasons to Consider a Professional Designer for Your Interior Decorating Project but the rest of your family is staying in your present home , Use Furnishing to Decorate your Home with the Ultimate Designs until the school year ends and that's 4 months away. You buy a house , Painting woodwork in and around your home and live in it until your family arrives. Do you go out and buy new furniture , Infusing Heart into the Hearth of the Home or do you rent a few necessities in the meantime?

"¢ Right after you get married, you move into a new home. , Use Furnishing to Decorate your Home with the Ultimate Designs You and your spouse haven't decided how you
want to decorate , Use Home Furnishing to your Home with the Ultimate Designs your home. , Bedding Ideas And Tips Do you rush your decisions or do you rent furniture , Eliminating the Feng Shui "Fear Factor" until you find the style that will please you both?

"¢ You graduate from college and accept a position in an unfamiliar city. You find an apartment , Bedroom Colors that has everything you want, except furniture. , Bathroom Online Design - 5 Online Bathroom Design Tips You can't afford to go out and purchase the items you'll need right away. What do you do?

If you find yourself , Stained Glass in any of these situations, renting all or part of your furniture , Eliminating the Feng Shui "Fear Factor" may be a viable option. The thing you have to keep in mind is that it's never a long-term solution. From the figures in the first paragraph, you can see how expensive renting is over the long haul.

However, when you find yourself , Cozy and Comfortable -- A Living Room for Winter! without furniture, , Do You Have a "Master" Bedroom? You Shouldn't! Tips for Remodeling Your Bedroom short term rental may be your best option. If you don't have the cash or credit to purchase what you need, or if you only plan , Globes to be without furniture , Stained Glass for a little while, short-term rental may be the best solution.

Most furniture , Evolution of Kitchen rental companies offer several options from which to choose. Most of them also offer packages in
different price ranges, depending on the style and quality of the furniture , Becoming a Successful Interior Design Professional you require.

"¢ The bedroom package usually includes a double or queen-size bed, , Furniture Stores night stand and lamp, and 1 chest.

"¢ A living room , History Of Mohawk Carpets package provides a couch, end table and lamp, cocktail table, and a chair. , "10 Important Things to Consider Before Designing a New Kitchen"

"¢ A dining room , Bath Online Design - 5 Online Bathroom Design Tips package includes a table and 4 chairs. , Painting a rooms woodwork and the trim around doors and windows opens up a number of designs potent

"¢ A complete home , Cheap Bedroom Furniture package includes all of the above.

"¢ You can also rent any accessories , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style you may need, including cookware and china, rugs, , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style additional lamps, TV's, stereos, etc.

As long as you rent only what you need and do so for as short a time as possible, furniture , Platform Beds rental may be the solution you need. But, don't forget to calculate the cost of your rent or mortgage along with the cost of your furniture , Making Artwork Arrangements rental before you decide which package to choose.

If money is an issue, one question you need to ask yourself , Decorating with Color - Eliminating the Fear Factor is this: do you really need the most expensive package or can you get by with the more generic and economical choice for 2 or 3 or 4 months? Unless you plan , Table Linen Tells A Tale to do a lot of business entertaining, the answer is obvious.

In short, furniture , Interior Decorating Book Make your interiors lively rental can be an economically sound solution to your problem, if you use your common sense and don't get in over your head. It beats sleeping on the floor , Hanging Curtains? Don’t Forget the Rods and Finials! any day!

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About the Author: Kyle Thomas Haley has been helping people relocate on the Internet , Making Artwork Arrangements since 1999 with Apartment , Painting a rooms woodwork and the trim around doors and windows opens up a number of designs potent and Relocation Websites: Apartment , Infusing Heart into the Hearth of the Home Rental Net and A Relocation and Moving Guide Copyright 1999 - 2005 STANZEEKAY Inc. You have permission to publish this article, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included and none of the links or content are removed or changed.

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