Rejuvenation Station: Your Home as Your Sanctuary

Article by: Kathryn Bechen

When you arrive home , The Legend of the Bayberry Candle from work at the end of a long day, your home , Computerized Steam Showers should feel like a sanctuary for your body and spirit, and be a "cocooning" place , Window Treatments add Style to your Windows for you and your family to enjoy the evening and share good times together.

14 tips , Bathroom Vanities: The Focal Point to get you started:

1. Endearing Entrance. Even if you don't have a foyer, your home's entrance can be pleasant and inviting. Hang a favorite mirror or painting , Door Knobs on the wall , Home Decorating On A Budget opposite the door , Shaw Rugs: Which Style Of Rug Fits Your Style so that when you enter you see a pleasant sight.

2. Bouquet for the Day. A favorite fresh flower , Feng Shui Your Way Into Spring! bouquet on your foyer or entrance table can perk up your spirits upon entering your home. , Practical Feng Shui Debunking the Myths

3. Clutter Cutter. Try to keep clutter away from the entrance. Colorful baskets, bags, and hangers or hooks can corral those shoes and errand items in an attractive way. A small table can hold keys and glasses. , Is it "Couch" or "Sofa?" Which Goes Best with "Potato?"

4. Lovely Lighting. Put your lights , Door Knobs on dimmer switches and leave a couple of them on low so that you don't enter a dark home. , Make a splash with your shower curtains.

5. Clothes Minded. To start the evening out well, change , Use Antler Lamps for Western Lighting with Rawhide Lamp Shades into something comfortable and attractive. Your family deserves the best of you, too, and if your closets are organized, this will be easy to do.

6. Scentsational. Put some oranges and cinnamon in a small crock pot , Decorating Ideas for a Baby Nursery to simmer in the morning and when you arrive home, , More Beds Than You Can Imagine you'll be tempted to "cozy-in."

7. Music Maestro. Put on some favorite light , How to Bring Your Living Room to Life music such as jazz to set the tone for a relaxing evening. Avoid loud music or TV shows. You've already had enough stimulation from the workday.

8. Super Supper. Put a whole chicken sprinkled with herbs , Contemporary Bathroom Vanities along with some baby red potatoes and carrots in the crock-pot on a low setting in the morning and you'll arrive home , Try using bathroom mirrors in your bathroom to reflect objects of interest to a sumptuous and healthy , Bean Bags Are A Cozy Combination Of Comfort And Style meal.

10. Table Toppers. Set the table in the morning to save , Area Rugs - Accent Your Rooms with Area Rugs time before dinner in the evening. Colorful placemats and cloth napkins set a festive tone, are easily laundered, and can be stored in a drawer near the table.

11. Divine Dishes. Choose a dishware pattern that is pleasing to you and that complements your décor. When it's time for clean up, if the whole family pitches in, there'll be more time for relaxing activities such as a walk, or help with homework.

12. Newspaper Nirvana. The evening newspaper can be stored in a pretty wicker basket to avoid ending up all over the house. , Web Furniture Retailers Embracing Art Yet Another Reason to Shop Online Toss a few days after everyone has read to keep clutter at bay.

13. Bathtime Bliss. A nurturing bath will help ease the transition to a good night's sleep. Decorate , Log Home Decorating Tips and Ideas your bathroom , Fresh Ideas Herald Fall Decorating with some colorful soft towels, favorite soaps and shampoos, bath brushes, and a fluffy robe for each family member.

14. Soothing Slumber. Fresh clean sheets with a threadcount of 300 or more, soft blankets, and an attractive coverlet or duvet cover will set the tone for soothing rest. Avoid watching TV in the bedroom, loud music, or irritatingly loud alarm , How to Bring Your Living Room to Life clocks.

A home , Office Sofas that runs smoothly using organized home , Contemporary Rugs Can Transform a Room management systems, combined with a few inexpensive, yet pampering luxuries, will help you feel like your home , Shaw Rugs: Which Style Of Rug Fits Your Style is truly your "rejuvenation station."

c2005 Kathryn Bechen.
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