Practical Furnishing Ideas For Kid Rooms

Article by: Sherrie Le Masurier

Kids and quality go hand and hand. Kids will be kids. They are often rough and tuff on furniture. , Silk Weeping Willow Trees So when it comes to furnishing kid rooms , Tiffany Lamps - A Timeless Treasure it's wise to make quality purchases that will not only last but will grow , Picture Lights - Brighten Up Your Home Or Business right along with them.

Take for instance, double and triple function furnishings. This kind of kid room furniture , Discover The Wonders Of A Tempurpedic Mattress is a real blessing as it can take your toddler right through to his teen years.

One of my favorite kid room , Closet Organizers furnishing ideas are 3-in-1 one units which feature , Designer Shower Curtains: a Classy Way to Enhance Your Bathroom a sleeping area, storage space and a place , Bunk beds are frequently used as a child's first regular bed to study.

Multiple purpose furnishings can save floor , Principles of Interior Design space and enhance the play value of a kid room. , Steam Showers You no longer have a need for extra furniture , World Globes that takes up valuable space. A further bonus is that it's usually less expensive to buy one opposed to two or three separate pieces of furniture. , What You Should Know about the Correct Paint Job

Great 2-in-1 designs , Bathroom Furniture like bunk beds , Discount Mini Blinds that reassemble as single beds , Home Furnishing - Creating You Ideal Living Space and seating units with concealed storage are also ideal.

When looking to make such a large purchase it's best to comparison shop. Also give some thought to how the piece of furniture , Recessed Lighting and Pendant Lighting are Novel Ways to Get Attention will serve your child's needs in the years to come.

Convertible furnishings start with cribs. Today's baby cribs often come as a combination crib and storage unit. Features , Silk Weeping Willow Trees may include a standard crib with rails attached on one side to a multiple drawer chest. Here, both the crib and chest would sit on a foundation of dual blanket drawers.

Once out of the crib, your toddler can sleep on an extension mattress (and spring) that is added once the rails and chest are removed. On some models this is standard. Other models have this as an option only. Consider the price difference of both.

Such a configuration offers up years of usefulness - a single bed , World Globes and a freestanding chest of drawers. Other chest/crib combos feature , Silk Weeping Willow Trees a detachable change , Recessed Lighting and Pendant Lighting are Novel Ways to Get Attention station on top of the storage unit. If considering this design, , Home Furnishing - Creating You Ideal Living Space give some thought as to the most comfortable height for changing your baby. Most are between 30 to 40"¬Ě high.

Trundle beds , Wood Picture Frame (with a roll-out sleep unit) are ideal for sleepovers, extra storage and additional play opportunities. You can remove the bottom mattress and use the frame for off season , Shutters - Window Treatments That Beat Blinds Hands-Down storage or for a train or car track set up.

Foam futons are another multiple function piece of furniture. , Removing Wallpaper Borders Originally of Japanese origin these lightweight mattresses fold in half or thirds to provide comfortable seating when not used for sleeping. Today's futons come in various shapes and sizes including child sized recliners and sofas. Futons are known to be lightweight and easy to flip.

Don't let bold colored or patterned futons discourage you from making a purchase. Instead, recover the mattress with a sheet that matches the décor of the room. , Three Tips On Choosing Stylish Furniture

For more tips , How to Frame Art on buying kid room furniture , Interior Painting Ideas Guaranteed to Bring Your Walls Back to Life! visit:
Sherrie Le Masurier is an organizing consultant who helps parents organize and decorate , Closet Organizers their children's rooms. , Dining Chair Slipcovers Ė A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests! She is a member of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) and co-owner of - Copyright.

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