Posters as a Decorating Style

Article by: Richard Amburn

When I think of decorating , Kitchen Pot Racks a room , Chandelier Guidelines with posters, I think of the 70's with black light, , Country Curtains for a Homey Country Feeling velvet and the famous Farrah Fawcett poster.

Times have changed and decorating , The Function of Hurricane Shutters with posters have also changed. Poster has now become a theme based decorating , Give Your Window a Makeover style. Not just poster of the latest hottie from a magazine. Here are some poster theme ideas.

Movie theme.

Movie posters have been around for forever. For the movie buff, movie poster can be based on era, director, actors, or even genre. An example would be Steven Spielberg. You could start out with ET and finish up with War of the worlds.


Mohamed Ali tribute of poster is a great example. There are so many sport posters to pick from. Poster themes could include boxing greats, baseball or even chronicle the life of Lance Armstrong.


There are some fabulous Americana posters available for a patriotic look. There are poster of the Declaration of Independence, George Washington crossing the Delaware and the Flag.


Car posters have been around as long as cars. You could have the history of the Corvette in a very decorative manner with the entire posters available now. You don't have to have the large looking posters and turn your room , Fabrics for Displaying and Protecting Collectibles into a garage. , Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Vintage Advertisements

These have probably have came the farthest regarding decorative posters. You can find some of the best vintage advertisement art in posters. Some examples are the Martini & Rossi Art Print, Sourse Brault and the Café Martin. These are some of the classics that can make a room , Furniture to Dress Up Your Office look classic with being gaudy.

Remember, there are some great examples of what you can do with posters that can turn a dull room , Throw Covers For Your Furniture Coverings into a spectacular vision without spending wads of cash.
Richard Amburn

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