Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs are the Only Rugs that Talk!

Article by: Penny Krieger

You've heard of flying carpets , Roman Shades Made From Fabric of course but have you ever heard of a talking rug? I've been in the rug , Finding a Color Scheme - Decorating with What you Have business for a number of years and my statement is, was and always will be, that a really good rug , The Charm of Traditional Shutters talks. This is a hand-made woven piece of art sometimes taking hundreds of hours to make that is often endowed with the creative insight of the weavers and the skill , Pot Racks - Make a Statement In Your Kitchen of the dyers.

I made the above statement once to an Interior Designer , A Guide to Wood Stove Inserts and she asked me, "What was the rug , Interior Decorating Book and Decorating Book club saying?" We laughed together but I do believe she was being slightly facetious. This was fine as I have been known to get pretty excited about this subject in general. I then proceeded to answer her question promptly and with such certainty she did in fact listen attentively. Here were a few of my answers.

I've always referred to a "good rug" as a rug , Green Furniture Fad or Fabulous? that is so breathtaking that 9 out of 10 people that see it must comment on it, admire it, notice it or show some kind of desire to own it! This is not a rug , Pot Racks - Make a Statement In Your Kitchen you see every day, but find here and there and behold! It speaks out.

"There is happiness here, please come and see me"

"I will make you feel better if you just stay with me for a while."

"Your heart is clear and so is mine."

"Beauty is for everyone, just look this way."

"When you look at me you will see the thoughts of your dreams"

"The colors , Using A Room Divider To Enhance Your Asian Inspired Decor of the Earth , Bunk Beds - Safety Checklist When Shopping are beautiful , Give your old furniture a new life! and I am here to remind you of that."

"We are calm together and you can relax now"

I have seen thousands and thousands of rugs , Bunk Beds - Safety Checklist When Shopping from countries all over the world, but I am speaking here in terms of hand-woven works of art.

Sigmund Freud had a beautiful , Where to Find Cheap Futons Persian Qashqai (a tribal rug , Decorating with coat racks and vintage clothing woven in Southern Iran) covering the couch in his office. He also had pillows made from rugs , Vinyl Shutters or Wooden Shutters are Ideal for Hurricane Protection and other textiles which created a mood of safety , Decorating with coat racks and vintage clothing and comfort.

If you'd like to learn more about Oriental Rugs , Interior Decorating - Select the Correct Paint Sheen for Every Decorating Project! please look for my article How to Buy an Oriental Rug. , Green Furniture Fad or Fabulous?

When you find the talking rug, , Dramatic Powder Room Makeovers there will be no doubt in your mind!

And I thought coffee was addicting!

© Penny Krieger 2005
Penny Krieger is the owner of Paradise Oriental Rugs, , Not All Glass is Created Equal Inc., formerly located Santa Rosa, CA. Specializing in vegetable , A Themed Bathroom Vanity is Fun to Decorate dyed handmade rugs , Interior Decorating - Select the Correct Paint Sheen for Every Decorating Project! from Iran and Afghanistan, she now sells rugs , Glass Dislay Cases on an appointmnet basis in Sonoma County, CA.

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