Lamps - Flourescent, Incandescent, LED, HID, or Oil?

Article by: David Arnold Livingston

Could you imagine not having lamps at home? - no fluorescent lamps, study lamps, ceiling lamps? I guess not. Lamps or bulbs , Recessed Lighting Fixtures are so much a part of our society that we seldom give them much notice. However, we cannot imagine living without them.

Lamp comes from the Greek word "lampas", meaning torch, lamp, or beacon. Any equipment that gives off light , Bathroom Mirrors for some duration to be used for lighting is called a lamp.

In the modern world, lamps are defined as the replaceable part of a luminaire. This contraption transforms electrical energy , Choosing The Right Style Of Lighting to both visible and non-visible electromagnetic energy. , A Tisket a Tasket...9 Ways to Decorate With Baskets

The first thing man had to develop was fire. , Improve The Look Of Your Apartment Without Getting The Landlord Mad After developing fire, , Choosing The Right Style Of Lighting he must have thought, "Hey, I have to put this in my den so it will provide light , Cushions - Update Your Sofa With New Cushions and warmth to it." And so he took a piece of flaming firewood from the bonfire and took it inside , Bath Rugs: Why You Should Use Rugs In Your Bathroom his home. , Choosing The Right Style Of Lighting Thus the first "lamp" in the form of a torch was created.

Man's next problem was how to , Discount Bathroom Vanities get those things to last longer. Over the span of time, he developed numerous ways of prolonging this light. , Sauna And Steam Baths Some of the ancients used beeswax, some used olive oil.

Soon complex means of lighting homes , Low Cost Kitchen Remodeling and streets were used. In the late 19th century, oil lamps lined the streets of England to provide lighting throughout the thoroughfares.

Then came the famed perseverance of Thomas Edison. After tiring days of back breaking work, Edison invented the incandescent lamp. And the world was changed forever.

Today the world is a big glowing lamp. Cities are bathed in streams of light , Canopy Beds from buildings, , Shower Stalls and Ideas to Showcase your Bathroom street lamps, car lights , Shower Stalls and Ideas to Showcase your Bathroom and home , The Fine Art of Bonsai: Beautiful and Unique Decor lighting. Because of technology, lamps today can last longer, can light , Silhouette Blinds How Are They Different From Other Blinds? brighter, and can be used more conveniently than before.

So Many Lamps, So Little Time - Kinds of Lamps

1. Oil based lamps

These are the old fashioned lamps that burn on oil, wax or other base. They are now commonly used to provide atmosphere to the home , A Look at Waterbed Sheet Sizes or to light , Modern Furniture areas where there is no electricity. , Bring the Warmth and Comfort into your Home Decor

2. Incandescent Lamp

The incandescent lamps have come a long way. These lamps are used to provide lighting in many countries. These lamps are hot , Color Psychology: The Joy and Pain of Yellow and give off light , Discount Bathroom Vanities that is, in brightness, somewhere between candlelight and sunlight. Halogen lamps are a version of incandescent lamps that give a brighter light , The Fine Art of Bonsai: Beautiful and Unique Decor more akin to sunlight.

3. Flourescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps give off light , Lladro: A Porcelain Marvel that is cooler than its incandescent cousin. They are very energy , Sauna And Steam Baths efficient and are easy to install and do not generate too much heat. , The Fine Art of Bonsai: Beautiful and Unique Decor They are very popular nowadays. Another good thing about these lamps is that they last longer than incandescent lamps.

4. HID Lamps

High-intensity discharge lighting are specialized lamps that are very powerful. They were first used for streetlights and are very energy , Decorating Kids Room Ideas efficient. They typically convert energy , The Advantages of Platform Storage Beds to light , Improve The Look Of Your Apartment Without Getting The Landlord Mad at an astounding 8:10 ratio.

5. LED Lamps

LED lamp technology is very promising because they give off a very bright light , Wallpaper Guide for Your New Baby for very little electricity , Color Psychology: The Joy and Pain of Yellow and do not heat , Different Types of Contemporary Chandeliers as much as the other lamp technologies. However, they are still expensive to manufacture for lighting. They are, however, already being used for electronic displays, and accent lighting. Another upside is that they are extremely durable, LED lamps could last 100,000 hours or more! This makes the future of lamps very exciting.
David Arnold Livingston enjoys decorating , Canopy Beds his home, , Wallpaper Guide for Your New Baby
and having fun with lighting. He recommends the resource: Lamps and More

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