Interior Decorating Themes – What’s Your Decorating Style?

Article by: Kathy Iven

There are a variety of decorating , Skylights themes from formal to informal and everything in between. Which one best describes your decorating , Contemporary Grandfather Clocks style?

Formal Traditional
Furnishings and designs , Slipcovers Are Fitted For Every Sofa from the Renaissance, Baroque, Early and Late Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian eras. This style is shown with fine furnishings, elegant, refined and exquisite wall , Interior Decorating: Proper Way to Light the Home coverings, elaborate moldings, formal window , Easy Dining Room Makeover treatments and Oriental rugs. , Home Lighting - Important but Overlooked Aspects

Informal Traditional
The same eras as above but this style has less refined versions of furnishings. There are more touchable elements, more earthy colors, , The Benefits of Ozone Air Purifiers and some urban archaeology without restoration is common. This style is comfortable and inviting.

American Country
This style holds furnishings from the 17th century through the present, all simple with the appearance of hand-crafted work. Two versions are popular today: Upscale Country with the use of more tactile, comfortable elements and very close to Informal Traditional but with a clearly country theme in all the furnishings; and Rustic , Bamboo Flooring Country, which sports a reused, recycled quality. The wall , How To Choose The Best Wine Rack To Buy For Your Home coverings and window , Enjoy The Convenience of Scented Jar Candles Inexpensive And Useful treatments set the theme and the furnishings have a just-found-it-at-the-antique-market feel.

Country French
This style is exhibited in Classic Rococo, Neoclassic or Empire-inspired country furnishings. Wall , Do You Need An Interior Designer? coverings include florals, ticking, toile, and moires depending on the level of formality.

Arts & Crafts
This simple style is also known as Early Modern or Organic , Skylights Modern. The era focuses on hard, stained oak furniture , How To Choose The Best Wine Rack To Buy For Your Home with simple, straight lines.

International Modern
This is a look of ultra simplicity, hard lines, and smooth surfaces contrasted with abstract patterns and unusual textures.

Environment , Top-notch Ways to Learn More About Loft and Bunk Beds Plus More al
Design , Kitchen Tables s in this theme contain colors, , The Benefits of Ozone Air Purifiers textures and very subtle patterns of the earth. , Drapery Buying Tips

Romantic Victorian
This style still is a favored theme for rooms , Decorating a Kid's with lots of pattern featuring English garden , Skylights florals in dreamy colors. , Modern Bedding Ideas Both fabric and wall , The Increased Popularity of Granite Kitchen Countertops coverings can be patterned, and clutter decorating , What is an Interior Re-Designer and How Can They Help Me? - especially with accessories , Picture Lights - Brighten Up Your Home Or Business - is part of this look.

Ethnic and Primitive
This masculine approach has many faces from African to the American Southwest, from the lodge-look to the South Seas. Heavy or tactile textures coupled with patterns that are charming because of their lack of sophistication fit here.

Fabric and Wall , How to Make a Slip Cover Covering Themes
This is a wonderful way to decorate , Dining Chair Slipcovers A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests! - by selecting a great fabric or wall , Feng Shui Synchronicity covering that inherently features , Dining Chair Slipcovers A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests! a theme. Some examples include sea and shore, sports, outdoor , Interior Design Psychology recreation, kitchen , The concept of positive and negative spaces in interior design or domestic , Enjoy The Convenience of Scented Jar Candles Inexpensive And Useful elements, juvenile elements, feminine floral themes, exotic designs , Picture Lights - Brighten Up Your Home Or Business from far away lands, and more.

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About the Author Kathy Iven, Columbus, OH Kathy Iven is the owner of Fabric Farms , Picture Lights - Brighten Up Your Home Or Business Interiors, located in Hilliard, OH. Fabric Farms , How To Choose The Best Wine Rack To Buy For Your Home Interiors specializes in home , Lighting - Important but Overlooked Aspects decor fabrics and trims. They also offer custom drapery, bedding , The Increased Popularity of Granite Kitchen Countertops and upholstery services. The company was founded in 1971 and is the largest home , Interior Decorating Book Make your interiors lively decor fabric store in Central Ohio. To learn more, visit All rights reserved.

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