Interior Decorating - Select the Correct Paint Sheen for Every Decorating Project!

Article by: Julie Rieman

When selecting an interior paint , Decorating your kids rooms with colors most likely you wonder about which type and brand to purchase. Once you have gotten over the hurdle of choosing a color, , Choosing the Perfect Window Blinds, Vertical Blinds, or Wood Blinds for Your Home there are some important facts to consider in selecting your paint , Recessed Lighting Installations type. You may take your color , Amish Furniture A Piece Of American Pride swatches to any retailer and purchase whichever brand you prefer. With the computer color , A Look at Custom Shutters matching systems available today your color , Copper Sinks Are Hot! swatch is all that is needed. (The retailers all steal each others color , Create Your Own Custom Scented Candle – Made To Your Specifications codes.) You really just need a one inch square for the paint , Where to Find a Cheap Adjustable Bed to be matched. Today, you can even bring a piece of fabric to be color , A Look at Foam Mattresses matched! Just expect to wait a little while for your mix to be completed.

When dealing with interior paint , Revitalize your Interior Walls it is not the brand that matters so much as the sheen.

Flat Paint
No Sheen/Difficult to Wash
Hides any wall , Vintage Hearth Accessories Heat Up Your Fireplace imperfections
Always use on ceilings ~Not a good choice for walls , A Look at Foam Mattresses especially if there are children in the home. , Toddler Beds

Slight sheen/Washes Well
Hides most wall , Guide on Expensive Antique Chandeliers Collections imperfections
Great for high traffic areas
My sheen of choice

Fairly High Sheen/Extremely Washable
Wall , Weight Loss Diets imperfections will show
Only recommend for very high traffic areas
Typically used in baths and kitchens

High Sheen/Extremely Durable
Not a good choice for wall , Heart of the Home - Faux Finished Kitchen Cabinetry surfaces
Every wall , Recessed Lighting Installations imperfection will show!
Often recommended for baths and kitchens. , Interior Decorating: Proper Way to Light the Home (Not necessary)
Great choice for painting furniture , Pendleton Blankets- What's Behind This Famous Functional Art pieces

Extremely High Sheen
Never use this sheen on your walls
Great choice for doors , Recessed Lighting Installations and trim
Perfect for furniture , Save Money & Time... Plan Home Decorating Projects pieces
Julie Rieman is an accomplished instructor in the arts of faux painting , Guide on Expensive Antique Chandeliers Collections and interior , The Pillar Candle redesign.. She offers two and four day classroom or online interior , Prepare Roses for Long-Lasting Display redesign training. If you live in the Twin Cities area, you can invite Julie into your home , Where to Find a Cheap Adjustable Bed for a personalized consultation. For more information , Horizontal Blinds – Enjoy Real Wood, Vinyl, Or Aluminum about any of her decorating , A Grandfather Clock is a Delightful Addition to Any Home services and training opportunities please visit and

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