Interior Decorating For Cats - Protecting Your Possessions

Article by: Joey Lewitin

Part 1

The first thing a cat owner should know about home , Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions décor is to keep it simple. Cats are completely convinced that they are in charge, that the house , Oriental Area Rugs - Know Before You Buy an Oriental Rug and its possessions belong to them, and that they have every right to break rip or shred anything they like. Even a well trained cat (a possible oxymoron) will occasionally get overzealous, and with an inadvertent sweep of their tail will knock your favorite decoration from its place , Portable Home Decorating: 11 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Home Even When You Move Often to a pile on the floor. , Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions

This disregard for your possessions, overt or otherwise, requires that you use some strategy when deciding on the placement of various decorative pieces. This is going to amount basically to common sense. Any surface that a cat can reach, they will walk on. Therefore low shelves or dressers should not contain any objects that are fragile. Items should be moved towards the middle of a surface, or back against the wall, , Luxury Bedding to prevent them being knocked onto the floor. , Portable Home Decorating: 11 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Home Even When You Move Often Items that have a broad or sturdy base should replace other more top heavy objects. Decorative accents that can shatter, such as ceramics or stone , Traditional Lighting - What Is It? statues, may have to be replaced by steal or wood. , 7 Tips for Decorating Your Child's Room

One way to display fragile items is to move them up. High shelves that are isolated from cat "stepping stones"¬Ě will be out of dangers way. The same may be true of tall dressers, although unfortunately some cats will take a tall isolated dresser as a personal challenge, which they simply have to climb. Your d√ɬ©cor will have to be matched to the personality of your cat.

Mirrors can also provide a problem, as some cats tend to attack their own reflection. If your cat has a problem with this, buying velvet or satin cloth and draping it over the mirror can be a decorative way to solve this.

Plants can be one of the biggest décor problems a cat owner will face. Your pet can chew on leaves, dig in the soil, , Bar Stools - Ideal For Entertainment And Relaxation! or urinate in them. Luckily, there are ways both to decorate , Outdoor Cedar Patio Furniture Goes Indoors! around these problems as well as to train your cat out of them. For biting and chewing of leaves, a natural , Oriental Area Rugs - Know Before You Buy an Oriental Rug spray repellent applied to the plant , Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions will cause most cats to avoid it. To stop a cat from rooting in or excreting in your plant , The Value of Wedgwood China you have to realize that the dirt in the pot , Interior Decorating - Select the Correct Paint Sheen for Every Decorating Project! is reminiscent of the cats litter box. In order to change , Want a Fresh Look in Your Bedroom? Add Texture! this, use stones , Area Rug: 6 Ways To Use Them or gravel , A Look at Foam Mattresses to fill over the top of the dirt. This will remove the cat's fascination with the soil, , To Frame or Not to Frame - That is the Question and can be a lovely decorative accent to your plant

Cat grass , Digital Images to Posters - Decorate Your Home is a special kind of plant , Wabi Sabi, Shabby Chic, and Design Psychology: Home Interior Design Styles you can grow , To Frame or Not to Frame - That is the Question in your home , The Benefits of Metal Wine Racks that is specifically formulated to be safe , You Can't Beat Oriental Rugs For Elegance for felines, and to provide them with certain vitamins they may be lacking. Purchasing this can give your cat an acceptable alternative to messing with your plants. , Bar Stools - Ideal For Entertainment And Relaxation! When you see your cat eating the cat grass, , The 7 Schools Of Feng Shui reward them lavishly. When you see them going near other plants, , The 7 Schools Of Feng Shui pick them up and place , Add A Little Spark To Your Bedroom With A Satin Comforter! them in front of the cat grass. , The 7 Schools Of Feng Shui If they eat the offered vegetation, then reward them. In this way you can use positive reinforcement to turn one behavior into another

Cats will scratch anything which is made of cloth, including couches, drapes, and pillows. Because of this, you may want to start by spraying natural , How To Decorate Your Kitchen On A Shoestring Budget cat repellent on your more attractive pieces. A plastic , Area Rug: 6 Ways To Use Them couch cover may have to be used for a short time while the cat learns to behave itself. Buying your pet a scratching post and praising it for scratching that instead of your couch is a good way to positively reinforce the negative behavior out of the cat. You will have to carefully monitor their progress, and only remove protective coverings from your furniture , 7 Point Checklist for Choosing the Right Candle Holders when you are sure they are safe. , Without Drapes is It Curtains?

While cats are a hazard to most décor, planning ahead can minimize these problems. Cats are so difficult to train that it is often easier to simply decorate , Easy Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen around them. Using common sense, and paying attention, should allow you to develop a setting that compliments your pet owning experience.

Part 2: Protecting your pet

If you own a cat, then designing the d√ɬ©cor of your home , Create Your Own Custom Scented Candle Ė Made To Your Specifications will require taking several precautions in order to protect your pet from harm. Glass , Trash or Treasure: Assessing Your Possessions items should be avoided both because they are easy to shatter, and because fragments of glass , Digital Images to Posters - Decorate Your Home can then become embedded in your cat's skin. Other items to avoid are those that have sharp edges, spikes, or that have small pieces which can break off and be swallowed.

You should also consider whether any object you bring into your home , Outdoor Cedar Patio Furniture Goes Indoors! would be unhealthy if eaten by the feline. These items may include plants, , Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions flowers, , How to Make Roman Shades and scented candles. Cats are fairly self-sufficient, as well as intelligent, however they are also curious, and you do not want to give them any easy method for hurting themselves.

Cats are fascinated by string, as part of their inherent instinct to kill snakes. This fascination may carry over to electrical wires. If you catch your cat attacking or playing with electric , You Can't Beat Oriental Rugs For Elegance cords you should stop them immediately. This is a very dangerous problem that can not only result in the cat electrocuting themselves, but also in causing a fire. , Rustic Furniture: The Heart of America If your pet persists in this problem, one way to protect your wires is to wrap them in duct tape. This will make them harder to break through and less appetizing for a cat to chew on. There are also many natural , Steam Shower Design sprays which have specially formulated smells that will cause a cat to avoid an area in which it is sprayed.

Curtain cords hold much the same fascination that electrical wires do, and they can also be a danger from strangulation. If you have rope that dangles too far from your curtain, the cat may attack it, causing it to tangle. If the cat becomes caught in the tangle itself, it can be very dangerous. Long hanging cords should be tied up out of the cats reach, or cut so that they do not dangle where a feline can reach them.

The level of caution you should use is based upon your individual cat. Monitor your pet and your home, , The 7 Schools Of Feng Shui and change , Outdoor Cedar Patio Furniture Goes Indoors! your setting as necessary. Always use caution when bringing a new object into an area, and be certain you don't introduce anything which can be harmful to the cat. Mostly, just use common sense and try to remove any obvious hazards to where they can't be reached.

Interior Decorating , Outdoor Cedar Patio Furniture Goes Indoors! for Cat Owners
Part 3: The Beauty of Cat Decor

For the most part cat décor is less about being beautiful , Trash or Treasure: Assessing Your Possessions and more about keeping your pet safe , The Value of Wedgwood China and comfortable. However there are so many manufacturers , The Value of Wedgwood China of cat products , Hardwood Floors 101 that you can fine almost any of the items mentioned above in several different colors. , Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions Try purchasing items such as litter boxes and scratching posts in matching or complimentary colors. , Interior Decorating - Select the Correct Paint Sheen for Every Decorating Project! If you match the hue to the rest of your setting you may be able to blend them seamlessly into the area

Alternatively, you may want to set aside a space just for the cat's things, in order to separate them from the look of the rest of the room. , Interior Decorating - Select the Correct Paint Sheen for Every Decorating Project! While this won't completely eliminate the intrusion of cat toys onto your setting, it can allow you to create interplay between the cat's possessions and yours. If your home , To Frame or Not to Frame - That is the Question is predominated by a single color , To Frame or Not to Frame - That is the Question such as green , Do It Yourself Home Decor Made easy or blue, , Digital Images to Posters - Decorate Your Home purchasing matching black cat possessions can actually compliment this look. If your colors , Outdoor Cedar Patio Furniture Goes Indoors! are more mottled, then patterned cat toys, or subdued sandy colored ones, may be a better way to create equality in the room's hue.

The litter box is one of the most troublesome cat possessions to decorate , A Look at Japanese Platform Beds around. It stinks, it's dirty, and it's generally surrounded by stray litter tramped out of the box by your oblivious cat. One way to deal with this item is to hide it, either in a bathroom, , The 7 Schools Of Feng Shui or somewhere out of the way such as a closet. If you don't have anywhere to hide it, then you should consider getting a covered cat box. They are much more attractive then leaving the litter bare, and will also reduce the smell. Unfortunately these are rarely attractive, and become dirty easy. To create your own custom covering, get a giant cardboard box and place , Decorative Fire - Where The Family Meets it over the litter. Cut a hole in the front where the door , The Benefits of Metal Wine Racks is. Cover the box in decorative paper, such as wrapping paper, and then coat this in plastic , A Look at Foam Mattresses to protect it from moisture. , The 7 Schools Of Feng Shui This method should only be used in conjunction with an existing plastic , The Value of Wedgwood China cat cover; otherwise moisture , Designing A Home Office will seep into the cardboard and turn it to mush.

Cats can make wonderful loving pets. They are fairly self sufficient, and don't require much attention. However, they are still animals, and will be oblivious to the beauty of your home. , Digital Images to Posters - Decorate Your In order to maintain the look of your setting, while maintaining the safety , Want a Fresh Look in Your Bedroom? Add Texture! of your pet, you will have to plan , A Look at Foam Mattresses the d√ɬ©cor that you develop in your home. , Tribal Persian Rugs Every cat is different, so let your home , How to Make Roman Shades evolve with the pet, until you reach a stasis in which safety , Colorado River Blinds Ė Vinyl Vertical Blinds With A Difference and beauty are at their best.

Joey Lewitin is an artist, author, and designer , Modern Sofas that specializes in innovative decorating , A Fresh Look for Fall ideas. Click here to see more Interior decorating , The 7 Schools Of Feng Shui and home , Do It Yourself Decor Made easy décor ideas from him and experts.

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