How To Select The Right Memory Foam Mattress...3 Insider Secrets

Article by: Charles "Chuck" Harmon

Are you shopping for a memory foam mattress? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the jargon that's out there?

There are really only three main things you must know, in order to get a mattress that will serve you well for years to come"¦temperature sensitivity, density and the thickness of the memory foam layer.

Selecting the correct memory foam mattress is an important decision, and by adopting these tips, , Smarten Your Interiors you will have no anxiety about selecting the correct one.

In fact, you'll know more about memory foam and how to , What is a Gabbeh? select a good mattress than most mattress store salespeople.

Select A Mattress With Temperature , Ceiling Fan Lights And Blades Sensitivity

Not every memory foam mattress that's available, on the market, will be sensitive to temperature. , Conservatory Furniture - Hints and Tips

But, temperature , The Reasons Why Gas Fireplace Logs Heat Your Chimney Better Than Your Room sensitivity is one of the most crucial features , The Reasons Why Gas Fireplace Logs Heat Your Chimney Better Than Your Room that makes a memory foam mattress so unique and so downright comfortable.

When shopping for a mattress, if you are able to buy one that adjusts to the temperature, , The Increased Popularity of Granite Kitchen Countertops please do so. You will find that the mattress will absorb your body heat , Home Decorating Magazines! How to Choose the Right One? and soften up.

The same is true when the environment , Decorating with Authentic Zebra Decor is cooler, the mattress will become firmer.

It's easy to check for temperature , Chandelier Lamp Shades sensitivity. Just place , Furniture Savings, and I Mean SAVINGS! a zip lock , Contemporary Rugs - Home Decorating With Contemporary Area Rugs bag of ice on it for a few minutes and it will be much firmer under the ice than on the rest of the mattress.

Select A Mattress With The Correct Density

One of the main things to consider, when choosing the correct memory foam mattress, is the density of the memory foam. The density of the memory foam can be described as the weight, of the mattress, measured in a cubic foot of memory foam.

For example, if you were to cut a piece of memory foam into a 12 x12 x 12 shape of a cube, or giant dice, and take its weight, the resulting weight would be its density.

There are various theories, whirling around out there, about which is the correct density of a memory foam mattress to select. Some mattress sellers will try to sell you something in a 3 lb density range.

However, it is better to select a memory foam mattress between densities of 5.0-5.9 lb., because at densities lower than 5.0, the mattresses will not support your lower back, shoulders and hips.

Beyond the density of 5.9, memory foam mattresses will be too dense to allow for proper support. If you like a futon, that's what it might feel like at this density.

Select A Mattress With Enough Top Layer

When going out to purchase a memory foam mattress, it is important to select one that has enough memory foam on the top layer.

Usually it is best to get a mattress that has been manufactured with at least 3.5 inches of memory foam as its top layer.

The importance of selecting a mattress with the correct thickness of memory foam on top, cannot be stressed enough.

If this layer is too thin, then the person ends up sleeping, partly, on the underlying polyurethane foam, and runs the risk of an uncomfortable night's sleep.

Select A Mattress Under Warranty

Another great idea when selecting a memory foam mattress is to buy one with a warranty. Buying a product , Throw Covers For Your Furniture Coverings under a warranty is not only a great idea for a mattress but for anything in general.

These mattresses can be purchased with a 20-25 year limited warranty, giving you the ability to have any defects repaired or have the item replaced. Having a warranty on your memory foam mattresses can make you feel much better about purchasing one.

Overall, this might seem like a lot of information , Rug Hooking: 5 Styles To Choose From to digest, but keeping these tips , Crystal Chandeliers in mind, when selecting your memory foam mattress, can help make it easier for you to decide on the right one for your needs.

Getting a great night's sleep is too important to sleep on anything else but a memory foam mattress!

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