How To Make Over A Room In An Afternoon

Article by: Kristin Wooding

I'm about to share with you the nine simple steps you can take to make a real difference in the look and function of any room , Rejuvenation Station: Your Home as Your Sanctuary in your home. , Carpet Cleaning : Sure-Fire Tips It's often a surprise to people how much of a difference they can make to the way they experience their home , Making Your Bedroom Child Friendly in very little time. Just by taking 'stock' of what they have, editing the things that don't belong and doing a good cleaning you can effectively give your favorite space a 'fresh' look.

Step 1.
Remove everything and I mean everything from the room. , Looking for a Butcher Block Table? Just place , The Value of Wedgwood China it all in the hall or another place , Help with Picking a Discount Ceiling Fan in the house , A Guide to Mattress Stores temporarily so that you can see the room , The Truth About Color Schemes in an Interior Design Project free of all furniture , Floral Photos Brighten Spring and Summer Decor and clutter. Once you have it down to four walls , Choosing A Pillar Candle Holder – Many Designs To Choose From and the floor, , The Truth About Color Schemes in an Interior Design Project you are ready to see the room , Bar Stools Add Interest To Any Kitchen Decor in a new light , Indoor – Enhance The Décor Of Your Home (and you won't be overwhelmed by the contents anymore). Note: You can speed up this 'emptying' process if you recruit a couple of girlfriends or family members to help you out. (I find bribery works well).

Step 2.
Now it's time to fire , Cheap Living Room Furniture up the vacuum and the feather duster. Make sure you give it a thorough cleaning. Because the room , Bed Furniture is empty you'll find this doesn't take too long and you'll be able to get into the corners easier. Your mom will be proud. Note: This would be a good chance to take a wet dust rag and give the old baseboards a good once over (it's amazing how much dirt and dust collects there).

Step 3.
Stand in the middle of your clean empty room , All About Closet Organizers and figure out where the focal point is. It may be a large picture window , Silk Flowers or a fireplace. It may even be an architectural detail (if you're so lucky). If you do not see an obvious focal point, you may need to introduce one into the space. Go back into your hallway of stuff and find a picture that you love or a mirror or another piece of wall , Wood Mini Blinds art that you can place , Silk Flower Arrangements in the room , Turn Your Guest Into A Virtual Getaway to draw your eye and create your new focal point. This step is important because it will act as the guide for your furniture , Bar Stools Add Interest To Any Kitchen Decor placement.

Step 4.
You are now going to build your room , Accent Lighting: How to Take Your from Now to WOW! around the focal point you are using. If you are redoing a living room, , The Benefits of Wood Platform Beds you will want to place , Cheap Carpet - Carpeting A Room For $20 your seating area in a position where you can view the focal point easily. If you are doing a bedroom, then usually your bed , Looking for a Butcher Block Table? should be placed directly below this feature. , Vintage Hearth Accessories Heat Up Your Fireplace In some cases the headboard of the bed , rooms is the focal point of a room , Turn Your Guest Into A Virtual Getaway so this step can be skipped but in this case, remember to place , Vinyl Mini Blinds – A Cheap Alternative To Expensive Drapes the bed , Choosing A Pillar Candle Holder – Many Designs To Choose From in the center of a wall , Bedrooms wherever possible. Always keep 'function' in mind when arranging your main pieces of furniture , Making Your Bedroom Child Friendly and don't block off traffic areas (unless you like bumping into the sofa).

Step 5.
With your main furniture , Wood Mini Blinds pieces in place , Making Your Bedroom Child Friendly you can now add any supplemental pieces. Bring in side tables, end tables, coffee tables, floor , Carpet Cleaning : Sure-Fire Tips lamps, bookcases or other secondary furniture. , Interior Decorating - It's the Small Touches That Count! When you place , Vinyl Mini Blinds – A Cheap Alternative To Expensive Drapes these pieces you'll want to keep in mind how they will be used. For example, the end tables should be close enough to the chairs , How to Choose a Quality Animal Print Rug that some one can put down a drink easily. Lighting should be placed in the areas of the room , Floral Photos Brighten Spring and Summer Decor that lack daylight from windows , Choosing Wallpaper Borders or areas where reading or writing is likely to take place. , Interior Decorating - It's the Small Touches That Count! Just think 'function'.

Step 6.
Now the fun really begins. Start moving your accessories, , Selecting Furniture for a Play Room table lamps, throws and pillows into the room , Turn Your Guest Into A Virtual Getaway but be very careful picking which things to bring back in and which things to pack away or get rid of. If an object is the wrong color , Wood Mini Blinds for the room , Choosing A Pillar Candle Holder – Many Designs To Choose From or has a completely different style to it, don't bring it back, place , Creating Personal Space for Each Member of Your Family it to the side (you can always find a spot for it in another room , Help with Picking a Discount Ceiling Fan or store it away). Find suitable places , The Benefits of Wood Platform Beds for these items as you bring them in but don't overdo it. This is called editing (you can do it, I know you can). Note: There should be a number of items left out when you're done with this procedure.
Kristin Wooding
You deserve affordable decor , Silk Flowers solutions that fit your life AND your style!

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