How to Choose a Scented Candle for Health and Pleasure

Article by: Lorraine Peltier

Do you love to burn scented candles? Chances are you are one of the millions who do or you know someone who does!

You know you can get candles at your local , Bedding - Are You Relaxed At Night? Dollar Store but you may want to ask yourself , Summer Decorating Tips To Cool You if you would rather pay more for a candle and have some guarantee of what exactly your candle is made.

When you look for a candle, here are some qualities to consider:


Do you like the scent? There are so many scents to choose from. Make sure you find one you absolutely love!

Will the scent last to the bottom of the jar or will it dissipate after a couple of burnings? A candle made with good - quality oils or perfumes whether natural , Venetian Blinds or synthetic will have scents that last from the top of the jar to the last flicker of the candle.

Will the scent have 'throw'? Meaning will the scent permeate the room , Choosing The Right Style Of Lighting as the candle burns?

What ingredients make up the scent? Did the manufacturer , Bathroom Decorating use quality perfumes? Are they natural , Eiderdown, For a Princely Sum You Can Sleep Like Royalty. scents or synthetic?

These are questions that you may want to ask before you purchase your next candle.


Look for a wick made from 100% cotton and avoid any with lead or other metals. , Tips For Wary Log Furniture Buyers If you can, find out from the candle manufacturer , Bathroom Decorating what the wick is made of.


Many candle companies are making candles with natural , How To Choose The Right Lamp Shades That Will Compliment Your Decor Perfectly plant-based waxes including soy and beeswax. These candles burn 'cleaner' than traditional candles made with paraffin.

You will notice with nautral wax candles that the container you burn these candles in will not be lined with a black film after burning. In the long run, you will notice that your walls , Discount Office Furniture are cleaner too. If you burn candles a lot, and they haven't been natural , Before and After: New Functionality for Obsolete Dining Room wax candles, you may have noticed that when you took a picture off the wall , Psychology Of Colors: The Dining Room that there was an area under the spot where the picture was removed that was cleaner than the surrounding wall. , Plus Size Lingerie Yes, the black on the walls , Bamboo Window Blinds - For Style, Elegance and Ease in the other areas, could have been caused by traditionally made candles.

Also consider that you and your family may have been breathing in some unhealthy particles too!


There are many factors which affect how long a candle will burn once it is lit but in general all other factors being equal, the natural , Bamboo Window Blinds - For Style, Elegance and Ease wax candles will burn longer than traditional paraffin candles.

The length of the wick is very important for candle safety , What You Should Know Aboout Ventless Fireplaces and is a big factor in how long a candle burns. With natural-wax candles the wick should be trimmed to 1/4" before it is lit. This will ensure an even burning and a longer lasting candle.

Avoid burning a candle in a draft to make it last longer and also do not burn it under a ceiling fan.

In summary, scented candles help set a mood for fun and romance and can add warmth and coziness to your home. , Why On Earth Would You Want Bathroom Carpet

Enjoy the candles you choose and burn them in good health!

I hope this article will help you make an informed decision and buy from a reputable candle maker the next time you are in the market for a candle to pamper your senses or those of a friend.
---------------------- For more helpul information , A Look at Memory Foam Slippers on this and other topics visit Free newsletter available. To contact the author, Lorraine Peltier, visit her website at Permission is granted to reprint this article as long as this resource information , Caring For Hunter Douglas Silhouette Blinds – How To Keep Them Looking New is included.

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