Feng Shui Your Way Into Spring!

Article by: Carole Provenzale

If you're anything like I am, you're beginning to dread each coming winter , A Guide to Feng Shui in the Home Office more and more. The Yin/Yang theory of the normal change , Five Quick and Cheap Ways to Decorate for Fall of the seasons , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style brings with each winter , Finding a Bamboo Flooring Supplier the Yin aspect: dark (those long dark days), passive, downward, cold, , Lighting - Starlight, Star Bright! contacting and weak are all aspects of the Yin part of the cycle.

But with Spring , Glass Shower Doors Are A Brilliant Alternative comes the Yang: Bright, active, upward, hot, , Braided Rugs expanding, creative and strong. It is what prompts us all to get up earlier, have more energy, , Cork Flooring get moving and look forward to our days. I think it also prompts us to what has been going on for Centuries, Spring , Five Quick and Cheap Ways to Decorate for Fall Cleaning. It's a time to clear out the old and bring in new beginnings.

If you're starting to think of your Spring , Braided Rugs Cleaning this year, it just might be a wonderful time to combine it with the Art of Feng Shui. , Chime Clocks: A Gentle Reminder of the Time Not only will you clear your clutter, have everything bright and shining but also implement some of the very easy changes , A Guide to Feng Shui in the Home Office and additions you can make in your home , Decorate Your Bedroom for Romance! to enhance the serenity and harmony you feel there!

Remember while you are doing this to pay attention to basements , Chime Clocks: A Gentle Reminder of the Time and under your bed , Bathroom Storage Furniture as energy , California King Bedding Cannot Be Interchanged With Standard King Bedding rises. As far as attics go, this is energy , Details of Fake Antique Furniture "hanging over you."Ā¯ Are the items you have stored in these places , Cushions - Update Your Sofa With New Cushions really necessary? You can be sure they're not if you only see them during spring , Finding a Bamboo Flooring Supplier cleaning. You want to keep a free flow of energy , From Brass to Tin: How to Care for Your Antique Metals throughout your entire home, , Unique Candle Chandeliers for Your not just the obvious areas. And we are notorious for throwing things downstairs when we don't know what to do with them; I think its human nature , Which kinds of Lights Emit Dangerous Rays? that out of sight is out of mind. But since we are incorporating some of the basic principles of Feng Shui , From Brass to Tin: How to Care for Your Antique Metals into your cleaning, mindfulness is very important as well as keeping your intentions clear.

First things first. Spring , Five Quick and Cheap Ways to Decorate for Fall cleaning is more then just dusting off those cobwebs and vacuuming the blinds. When you are doing these chores and many others, be sure to infuse them with your energy , A Guide to Feng Shui in the Home Office and your best intentions for what you'd like to create in your life. Positive thoughts and intents bring positive change , Colorado River Blinds – Vinyl Vertical Blinds With A Difference so don't just dust away the cobwebs on the walls, , Luxury Condos Haute Couture's Newest Muse clear your mind of them as well. Send up the best intentions and they will come back to you.

While you are clearing your clutter keep in mind how we define clutter. A little pre-organization here is an excellent idea so you don't linger too long over items. We define clutter as things you don't need, don't use or don't love. They are NOT things we "might"Ā¯ need one day or wear sometime in the future, even if you haven't worn that item in over a year. Just getting a few boxes and labeling them will help you first decide what you'd like to donate. This should give you a good feeling as well as lightening your load. There are people out there that can really use the items you no longer wear, need, want or love. Give them away to a good organization and know someone will get them for a song and be thrilled!

What about the items that you have that may be worth some money? You no longer use them but you may be on a budget and could use some extra income. You could have a garage , Antique Oriental Rugs: 8 Tips On How To Collect sale, post them on Ebay (or have Ebay post them for you now and let them do all the work) or go to a wonderful, free site called "Buy, Sell, Give it Away."Ā¯ There you can post your items for free and negotiate a price with someone who is interested. While clearing out remember that by doing this it opens up the space and allows the NEW to come into your life.

Then there are those few things you may be just stuck on and not sure what to do with. A box for just these items should be set aside so you can decide later, one item at a time. Giving away something or selling it and having regrets later is not what we want to achieve so take your time over these things but set a date by which time you will have decided exactly what you want to do with them and then stick to it!

If you are not familiar with the five elements, here's a crash course. You want to keep a combination of the elements in your surrounding and it is something to be mindful of.

The five elements are ruled by planets , Silk Bamboo Trees and they are Earth , Antique Oriental Rugs: 8 Tips On How To Collect (Saturn), Water , California King Bedding Cannot Be Interchanged With Standard King Bedding (Mercury), Metal , Indoor Wall Fountains (Venus), Wood , Dining Chair Slipcovers - A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests! (Jupiter) and Fire , Living Room Furniture - Yes, It's Where We Live (Mars). As you do an exterior walk around your property, , What You Should Know Aboout Ventless Fireplaces look for these elements and see if any are missing. , War Rugs For example, if Fire , Five Quick and Cheap Ways to Decorate for Fall is missing , Recessed Lighting (it often is) you can represent that with the color , Luxury Condos Haute Couture's Newest Muse Red. Chances are that you will already own items that cover each of these and changing them around will likely help you. Without getting too technical (where is where many people get confused with Feng Shui), first just look for a balance of the elements. Do the same as you walk through each room , Posh Pool Table Covers - The Latest Trend in Customized Decor in your home. , Purchasing Framed Art For Your or Office - a Novel Way to Decorate Do you have something that already represents the elements you may find lacking? In Feng Shui , Braided Rugs we love lush plants , Recessed Lighting and putting them in an earthenware pot , Ideas for Decorating the Baby Nursery Walls gives you a strong Earth , Feng Shui Synchronicity influence. Water , Ideas for Decorating the Baby Nursery Walls (and movement) can be created by a small fountain (another favorite item most of use use), not only for the water , Decorating Ideas For Kids Room element but with the intention of getting a stagnant area moving again.

When your energy , Interior Painting Ideas Guaranteed to Bring Your Walls Back to Life! starts to change , Dining Chair Slipcovers – A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests! in that area and you'd like to keep it stable, move the fountain and weigh down (a paperweight works well for this) the area that has stabilized so it doesn't keep changing now that you have it where you want it.

Finally, for the brave, get a copy of the Bagua and see if you can figure it out. Think of it as a layout or blueprint of your home. , A Guide to Feng Shui in the Office With the exception of mirrors which have behind them both cures as well as distracting influences, there is nothing you can change , Details of Fake Antique Furniture that you can't change , What You Should Know Aboout Ventless Fireplaces back if it doesn't "feel"Ā¯ right to you.

Finally, doing simple things like hanging a crystal next to where you work can increase your clarity. Add more plants , Which kinds of Lights Emit Dangerous Rays? to your home , Luxury Condos Haute Couture's Newest Muse if possible and open up those blinds to let the outside , Decorate Yourself Happy: How to Decorate For Everyday Pleasure/Joy in.

For more specific help you might want to call , Wood Baker’s Rack - Add Style to Your Kitchen a consultant and see if they will answer a question or two for you. And if you get really stuck and would like a consultation, speak to a few people and don't be afraid to ask questions. Find out their education, whether or not they are Certified and how long they have been in business. I have seen my friends use much more care in meeting someone from Match.com then I have been asked before being invited into someone's home! , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style Do make sure they will provide you with follow ups as questions may arise later. A good consultant will answer all your questions and concerns and it's more likely then not that you'll be in "tune"Ā¯ with one for one reason or another. Go with that feeling; we meet the people we are supposed to meet in life.

Good luck to you with your Spring , Braided Rugs Cleaning/Feng Shui applications that you use in your home. , What You Should Know Aboout Ventless Fireplaces May these tips , How To Light a Timber Frame Home bring you everything special you are looking for whether it is optimum health, better relationships, increased wealth or a prosperous and exciting career!
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Carole Provenzale
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Certified Feng Shui , Deck design must fit the outdoor surroundings Consultant since 1997, Carole Provenzale has been serving all of Long Island, New York City and those at a distance with caring and affordable consultations. For Homes, , Artificial, Silk, Replica Plants - All You Need to Know About Easyplants Businesses and Realtors and working with contractors , Five Quick and Cheap Ways to Decorate for Fall and architects. Carole is a keynote speaker for large and small corporations and a published author.

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