Evolution of Kitchen

Article by: Tamil Selvi

In the prehistoric times the houses , Working With an Interior Designer in Greece were commonly of the atrium-type and the rooms , More Beds Than You Can Imagine were arranged around a central courtyard. In such types of homes, , Feng Shui-Move 9 Items: Increase Life-Potential 9 Times! a covered but otherwise open patio , Curtains served as the kitchen. , Decorating Your With Accessories In the early days of Roman Empire, as the common folk in cities often had no kitchen , Reasons to Consider a Professional Designer for Your Interior Decorating Project of their own they used to cook in large public kitchens. , The Importance Of Themes In Living Room Decorating The early medieval European longhouses had an open fire , 6 Budget Friendly Ways to Add A Headboard to Your Bed under the highest point of the building. , Decorating with Color - Eliminating the Fear Factor The first identified stoves in Japan date about from the same time and these stoves are named as kamados and they were typically made up of clay and mortar. In wealthier homes , Making Baby's Room Special an automated system for a rotating spit for roasting invented by Leonardo da vinci was used.

Next comes the Industrialization followed by Rationalization and Technicalization.


Due to the advancement in the technologies industrialization not only brought major changes , How to Decorate the Apartment on a Budget but also social changes , Mantle Clocks - Great Deals And Huge Selection to the kitchen. , 7 Steps to Beautifully Painted Flea-Market Finds


The trend to mounting gasification and electrification continued at the turn of the 20th century and the work processes were attempted to be streamlined in industries.

This forms the phase of rationalisation.


The idea of standardized dimensions and layout developed for the Frankfurt kitchen , Decorating Your With Accessories took hold and the concept was refined in the "Swedish kitchen" using unit furniture , Thomas Chippendale and His Legendary Chairs with wooden , Power Red: A Few Facts About the Color Red fronts for the kitchen , Curtains cabinets.

Types of Kitchen:

The various forms of kitchen , Furniture Savings, and I Mean SAVINGS! are as follows:

  • Single file kitchen

  • Double file kitchen

  • L-kitchen

  • U-kitchen

  • Block kitchen

  • Designing of kitchen:

    The most essential mode of kitchen , Table Pads - I Think this Covers Everything is designing. All of us who follow the trends in decoration and design , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style are well aware of the vogue for mega-sized kitchens , Decorate Your Bedroom for Romance! than the ordinary ones. There is nothing against these grand spaces, but it always warms our heart especially the design , Fabrics, accessories, and custom shutters provide excellent privacy control for the bedroom and bath sensibilities to visit small kitchens , Feng Shui-Move 9 Items: Increase Life-Potential 9 Times! that sparkle with both efficiency and style.

    Some of the things that we have to do for getting more efficiency in a small place , The Importance Of Themes In Living Room Decorating are nothing but renovating , Reasons to Consider a Professional Designer for Your Interior Decorating Project without expansion.The steps that are to be followed are as follows:

    Define the space:
    A small kitchen , 7 Steps to Beautifully Painted Flea-Market Finds cannot serve too many functions. For instance, eliminating or moving the junk , Entertainment Center Plans drawer, serving the kitchen , Entertainment Center Plans as a catchall for bills, trash mail, homework assignments and odds and ends. If our goal is to make it a cooking center, concentrate only on that goal and if possible allocate some seating arrangements even if it's just a couple of tall stools pulled up to a counter for guests. The phrase that has to be remembered is that a lonely cook will be an unhappy cook.

    Open shelving:
    Use a combination of fitted, built-in storage pieces with unfitted, pieces and open shelving. While standard kitchen , Decorating a Bedroom for the Subconscious Mind - Psychology of Colors cabinets may make good use of space, top-to-bottom built-ins can often make a small kitchen , The Truth About Interior Design feel boxy and claustrophobic. Use closed cabinets underneath counters and, just like the hip restaurants of today, utilize unlock shelving, storage bars, hooks and pot , Power Red: A Few Facts About the Color Red racks on top. Open shelves also force the cook to be tidy and neat, and to eliminate non-essential items from view. The hoax of the great designer , Rustic Country Decor - How to Decorate Cottage Style Homes is creating the sense of more light , Installing Hardwood Floors and air. , Using Bamboo Blinds to Decorate Your Home

    Clear counter surfaces:
    If the surface area is limited do not park the microwave, toaster and coffeemaker on the counter. Instead of that keep them on a movable industrial cart or in a pantry cupboard. Do we really need all those appliances? If suppose the bread machines are to be used occasionally, store it between uses in a bottom cabinet, a countertop appliance garage , Bathroom Vanities and Bathroom Shower Stalls Look Fresh When Decorated With Ceramic Tile or in a storage area outside , Adding carpets and rug is a quick way to spice up a room scheme the kitchen. , Interior Design – How to use a Colour Wheel

    Think outside , Office Desks the box:
    If we are scheming a kitchen , Furniture Savings, and I Mean SAVINGS! to meet our desired cooking requirements, then think through all the steps and make the kitchen , Bright Slipcovers Can Change Winter to Summer in a Day fit our needs.
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