Ergonomic Seating Options - Making the Right Choices

Article by: Judith Phillips

Ok, let's get real here! Most of us sit for most of the time during the day. You sit when you eat your breakfast, you sit while you are driving, during a company meeting, at your office, during lunch and dinner and finally while you are watching television. If you are thinking that sitting requires less physical effort than standing or walking then think again"”it puts a lot of stress on your lumbar area and can lead to a whole bunch of health problems.

The choice of an appropriate chair , Kitchen Decorating Is Easy To Do is a serious step in preventing health problems in individuals who work in a sitting position. When discussing the ergonomic approach, sitting is looked upon as a precise, specialized activity which is impacted by the way that a sitting person interrelates with the working surroundings. There are a few things you need to bear in mind when you purchase a chair:

  • You cannot go out and purchase one chair , A Look at Wooden Bunk Beds and expect it to fit everyone in the office. The individual's body dimensions have to be taken into consideration when selecting the chair , How To Add French Country Style To Your Kitchen so that it does not strain one part of the body while fitting another. For example, a chair , How To Add French Country Style To Your Kitchen could be too high and the arm rests too far apart for a short, slim person. Once you narrow down a few chairs , Seat Covers that fit your budget and the environment , A Look at Antique Fireplace Mantels you are in, you should allow the person who will be using the chair , Curtain Fabric the most to try the chairs , Painting the Woodwork in a real work situation. Make sure that the chair , Decorating a Child's Room - 8 Simple Strategies to Make You Both Happy! meets the needs of the worker and their job before the ultimate selection is made.

  • Take the time to jot down information , Spring Cleaning Tips and Advice about the user's body height. The best possible seat height is about ¼ of the body weight. Of course, this may vary, as the torso-to-leg ratio may vary.

  • I wish I could tell you that one chair , A Look at Wooden Bunk Beds is appropriate for every activity"”but that is not the case. For instance, if you are a doctor, then you would require a different chair , Rustic Country Decor - How to Decorate Cottage Style Homes then someone who worked as a computer operator.

  • It is also important to take into consideration what the company you are purchasing the chair , Do It Yourself Home Decor Made easy from has in the way of a warranty. Some manufacturers , The Hunt for Vintage Kitchen Sinks will let you know what to inspect on a regular basis to avoid maintenance and repair , Luxury for Less: 10 Easy Budget Decorating Ideas costs.

  • One thing that I found when I was out in the field was that giving someone the correct ergonomic chair , Oriental Rugs does not mean that your problems are solved. The benefits of using an ergonomic chair , Painting woodwork in and around your home do not happen unless the person makes sitting properly in the chair , Do It Yourself Bathroom Curtain a habit. It would behoove you to instruct the person on all the attributes of the chair , Home Lighting - Important but Overlooked Aspects and how to , Cottage Style Home Decorating: 7 Tips From My Quintessential Cottage Cats use it.

Here are some of the attributes you should be looking for:
1. The adjustability of the chair. , Reasons to Choose Rustic Lighting Make sure that seat height is adjustable.

2. Seat height range. Make sure that the seat height can be adjusted to the height recommended for the individual and their job.

3. The backrest should be adjustable both vertically and in the frontward and backward direction. Additionally, make sure that when you sit down the lumbar is snug against your back.

4. The seat depth should be able to work for both the shortest and tallest users. Make sure that you have 2-4 fingers worth of space between your calves and the front edge of the seat.

5. The stability of the chair , The Hunt for Vintage Kitchen Sinks is critical and it should have a five-point base.

6. Armrests that have adjustable heights are optimal for computer operators and the depth would depend on the person and task. Some armrests can also be pushed out of the way so that you are not resting your forearms on them as you type.

7. Casters on a chair , Reasons to Choose Rustic Lighting are more often the case, but wheels may not be needed when a stable work position is necessary. If casters are needed, make sure they are the type that match the flooring , Baby Bedding A Guide To A Safe Crib. you have (carpet casters, hard floor , A New Futon Cover Can Really Jazz Up a Room casters, ect.)

8. To help make a new chair , Hanging Curtains? Don’t Forget the Rods and Finials! more beneficial, taking regular stretch breaks are almost mandatory. There are also several exercises that you can do during your stretches, so do your homework.

Ok, once you have picked your chair, , Everything you Need to Know about Lamps adjust it so that your feet are flat , Luxury for Less: 10 Easy Budget Decorating Ideas on the floor, , A New Futon Cover Can Really Jazz Up a Room your forearms at a 90 degree angle, your head up and back straight. If, by chance, your legs are short or your workstation is too high, you will need to purchase an adjustable footrest.

Lastly, keep in mind that your chair , Painting woodwork in and around your home is simply one of the factors to be reflected on in designing a workstation. The other elements, such as the work surface, document holders, task lighting have to be designed in as well.
Judy Phillips is the president of Commercial Furniture , Luxury Condos Haute Couture's Newest Muse Direct, and has been in the contract and commercial furniture , Curtain Fabric industry for almost 25 years. Commercial Furniture , Everything you Need to Know about Lamps Direct offers a wide selection of unique restaurant, office, hospitality, and public space furniture , Painting woodwork in and around your home from over 35 designers , Decorating With Light - Set the Stage for Your Space! and manufacturers , Luxury for Less: 10 Easy Budget Decorating Ideas all over the world.

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