Eastern Influences On Western Interiors: Japanese Décor - Part I of II - Color, Texture and Contrast

Article by: Catherine McGivern

The topic of eastern influences on western interiors , Finding the Right Window Coverings is a very broad subject. Many countries, such as China, Japan, Tibet, etc., have had an influence. Therefore, I have chosen to focus on one country for this article, Japan.

Characteristics of Japanese Interiors


Japanese interiors , Make a Splash with your Shower Curtains generally use neutral, natural , Materials In The Home Intrigue The Five Senses colors, to provide a simple background. Interiors , Handy Tips Concerning Rustic Log Beds emphasize architecture, and as a result, provide a sense of geometric order. In addition, natural , Discount Persian Rugs colors minimize a feeling of clutter, which is also essential to eastern design , Decorating A Room With Limited Space In Style and its philosophy of simplicity. When a statement is made in a Japanese interior, , A Look at Faux Wood Blinds it is usually through a single strong exclamation of color , Working With an Interior Designer and a Budget or a predominant texture.

Eastern art colors , Rustic Decor in an Urban World are pure. Unlike western art, which mixes color , Feng Shui for a Small Apartment and refines sketches, eastern art is original. This means the initial color , Adding Empire Furniture Into Your Home Decorating and/or brush stroke is the final result. Western art is often complex, whereas eastern art is simple, strong, and graphic.

Black is often considered a "non-color" in western society, yet, it is very important in eastern interiors. , Child Bedroom Furniture The use of black in oriental rooms , Lamp Shades: a Stunning Change for Your Home Decor lends definition and form. For example, black is a color , The Hunt for Vintage Kitchen Sinks in its own right, when used with white , Neutral Colors: Area Rugs Perfect for your Home Decor rice paper in a shoji screen.


Some Japanese textures and materials that immediately come to mind are cedar, rice paper, maple, bamboo, , Couch Slipcovers - An Easy Way to Give Old Furniture a Stylish New Image! stone, , A Look at Faux Wood Blinds and woven wicker. One might also think of textured silk, tatami floor , Tips For Wary Log Furniture Buyers mats, and the elaborate needlework of kimonos and obi's.

Japanese culture seeks to balance opposites in all aspects of life (yin and yang), and interiors , Save Money & Time... Plan Home Decorating Projects are no exception. Interior , Picture Lights - Brighten Up Your Home Or Business finishes can be highly opposing and contrasting, and yet achieve balance. Examples are, highly polished floors , Home Lighting - Important but Overlooked Aspects with heavily textured mats, a lacquered box displayed on top of a rough wooden , Finding the Right Window Coverings table, or white , Cottage Style Home Decorating: Cottage Cozy in the City pebbles on a polished black granite ledge around a tub.


Western homes , Natural Materials In The Intrigue The Five Senses typically use an object on the perimeter as a focal point, such as a fireplace, a painting, , Toile bedding or an elaborate window , Spanish Style Home Decorating treatment. Eastern interiors, , Rustic Decor in an Urban World on the other hand, focus on a central object, such as a hearth (irori), a garden, , Skylight Installation an altar, or an elaborate still life composition.

Japanese homes , Child Bedroom Furniture also commonly have display alcoves, called tokonoma. Objects placed in these alcoves generate two types of feelings, either (1) a natural , Toile bedding or organic , Rustic Decor in an Urban World feel, by displaying an odd number of objects together, or (2) an ordered and disciplined environment , Lamp Shades: a Stunning Change for Your Home Decor by using an even quantity. For example, three calligraphy brushes in a cup would be organic, , Natural Materials In The Home Intrigue The Five Senses and four pebbles on a dish would be disciplined.

Japanese displays are fluid. In other words, a Japanese alcove may display a scroll one-week, and a set of pots , Adding Empire Furniture Into Your Home Decorating the next. Eastern cultures tend to store and rotate objects. (This is probably for two reasons; (1) limited space, and, (2) visual pollution, , Have You Feng Shui Yet? outside , The Hunt for Vintage Kitchen Sinks the home, , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style as the population increases.) Japanese displays are a reflection of the season, , Cottage Style Home Decorating: Cottage Cozy in the City celebration, or honored guest. This minimal approach focuses on the quality and craftsmanship.

Instead of rotating objects, westerners tend to "display it all." (I guess its because they we're afraid someone whose given us something may come over and we won't have it out?) A westerner would also tend to add to a display to create a balance, whereas an easterner would create harmony by taking away. To easterners, less is more, order is harmony, and there is a place , Toile bedding for everything and everything is in its place. , Cottage Style Home Decorating: Cottage Cozy in the City

This concludes Part I. Part II of Eastern Influences on Western Interiors: Japanese Décor will focus on the Tea Ceremony, Furnishings, and Antiques or Reproductions.
About The Author

Catherine McGivern is a professional interior designer , Sofas who hosts www.aboutdecorating.net. About Decorating , Finding the Right Window Coverings is devoted to home , Bar Stools decorating information , Bathroom Vanities: The Focal Point and resources. And, to helping visitors find the best decorating , Spanish Style Home products at economical prices. The site also features , Starting Your Asian Antique Collection a free newsletter, and free 20MB community web , Give Your Family Room Coastal Cottage Style sites.

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