Do You Need An Interior Designer?

Article by: Indra Books

All of us want our homes , Check Out These Great Bathroom-Decorating Ideas to Decorate your Bathroom to be places , The Value of Wedgwood China of comfort and beauty. Some of us enjoy decorating , Looking for a Butcher Block Table? and furnishing our homes , The Truth About Thread Counts! and some of us don't. How do we decide if we need an interior designer , Cottage Style Home Decorating: It's Wise to Containerize or not?

Not everyone needs a designer. , Looking for a Butcher Block Table? If you enjoy creating your own home , Discount Office Furniture and you are confident in what your are doing, it is possible that what you really need is a professional shopper. You know what you want, you just don't have the time or the expertise to find it. This is where the personal shopper comes in-to help you find a specific item or list of items. They know where the stores are and where the bargains are-and don't we all love a bargain? These hardworking folks can find you just the right table or those elusive accessories , Antique Lamps that give your home , Decorating is Entertainment- A New Way to Look at Your Decorating and Design Business an individual look while you're at work earning money to pay for all of this style and elegance.

If you enjoy the shopping experience and just need an item or two (a new sofa, a club chair, , Bathroom Accessories or a table to put beside your recliner), you can find the help you need right at the furniture , Modern 101 store. Better furniture , Have Fun With Lighting! stores usually have trained staff on hand to help you choose a style and a fabric. Take along pictures, fabric samples, anything you need to match the new piece. Above all, don't forget measurements. At the furniture , Decorating is Entertainment- A New Way to Look at Your Decorating and Design Business store find a salesperson who is attuned to the look you are trying to achieve and with whom you feel comfortable. Don't hesitate to ask for a different salesperson if you feel that you are being pushed to buy something just because that is the flavor of the week. A good salesperson will work to help you find the exact look you are aiming for and you will be quite happy with your purchase.

However, a word of warning-if you are putty in the hands of an expert salesperson, or undecided what you want, or unsure of yourself, , Fireplace Accessories - Adding The Finishing Touch To Your Hearth don't go this route. You will end up with a room , Shower Curtains Can Give Your Bath a Quick and Easy Makeover! that is never quite what you wanted.

So when do you absolutely need a design , Interior Psychology team? Here are 10 reasons to hire a professional:

1. You have a difficult room. , Becoming a Successful Interior Design Professional If the room , Eye Catching Sun catchers is oddly shaped, has too many focal points, or architectural details that are in the wrong places, , Natural Materials In The Home Intrigue The Five Senses you need professional help.

2. You have ideas, but don't know how to , Here are some useful tips to know before wallpapering a room implement them or don't know where to start changing things.

3. You just don't have the time, energy, , Christian Art in Your Home or the desire to do designing.

4. You need a major make-over, but you are on a budget. I know this sounds contradictory, but decorating , Wallpaper - Choosing The Right Type mistakes are expensive, and a good designer , Check Out These Great Bathroom-Decorating Ideas to Decorate your Bathroom will make sure they don't happen.

5. You have major work to be done, but it needs to be done in stages due to budget considerations or a growing , Becoming a Successful Interior Design Professional family. A designer , Modern Furniture 101 can set you up with a list of things to do and buy which is prioritized, and on a time-line.

6. You think you know what you want, but are insecure about whether or not your ideas will work.

7. You want to update a room , Looking for a Butcher Block Table? without throwing everything out and starting over. This is a challenge , but it can be done. It generally requires quite a high level of skill. , Practical Kitchen Design is Winning Recipe to 2006 Homebuyers If you don't have a talent for this, get someone who does.

8. You have a piece or pieces of furniture, , Looking for a Butcher Block Table? paintings, , Making A Bedroom Useful With A Stanley Mirror Door and accessories , Discount Home Office Furniture which don't seem to fit your rooms , Cheap Carpet - Carpeting A For $20 or style, but which you can't eliminate because they are family heirlooms or simply because you can't afford to replace them. After all, you may not want to get rid of great-grandpa's desk even if it is Victorian and you like contemporary.

9. You are trying to achieve a specific style or period such as French Country, Scandinavian,18th century, 50's Retro, etc.

10. You are unsure about color , Cheap Carpet - Carpeting A Room For $20 combinations, proportions, mixing patterns, composition and styles.

If you fall , Interior Painting Ideas Guaranteed to Bring Your Walls Back to Life! into any of these categories, or if you simply want a professional touch, an interior designer , Grandfather Clocks: How to Set One Up In Your Home is probably the solution to your decorating , Portable Home : 11 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Home Even When You Move Often problems. Your home , Luxurious Linen Ė Surround Yourself With Sensual Texture is too important to your happiness and lifestyle not to have the comfort you desire. If you don't love decorating , Interior Painting Ideas Guaranteed to Bring Your Walls Back to Life! or you have a decorating , Throw Cushions - The Simple Solution for on a Budget challenge, then hire an expert and use your time and energy , Antique Lamps for things you really enjoy.
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Content for this article has been contributed by ON THE GO 4 U, Design , Making A Bedroom Useful With A Stanley Mirror Door Consultant, Suzanne Copenhaver. Indra A Books, author of this and many other lifestyle articles, is the owner and founder of ON THE GO 4 U, Personal Shoppers & Concierge Service in the Washington DC metropolitan area. The company's creed is to provide its clients with the ultimate life management experience.

In addition to its services, ON THE GO 4 U also publishes a monthly e-zine and conducts workshops on wardrobe, entertaining and decorating. , Modern Furniture For more information , Cottage Style Home Decorating: It's Wise to Containerize about the author and ON THE GO 4 U, please visit

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