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Article by: Darrell Oller

Preserve Your Memories
With the proliferation of digital cameras, , Decorative Drapery Hardware 101 more people are taking more pictures. People are snapping pictures of children, nature , Discover the Designer Within scenes, sports and special events at an ever increasing rate. Cell phone cameras , A Fleece Throw Blanket Adds Color and Comfort to Your Furniture are improving quicky. These digital images can be used to create personalized artwork that will help preserve your memories.

In Search of the Perfect Picture
The perfect picture may seem elusive for an amateur photographer, but perfect moments happen all the time. Perhaps your toddler is just learning to walk or Junior steals second base. These can be perfect moments. Rather than try to list them, let's just say that a perfect moment is whatever you define it to be. Getting a perfect picture of that moment is elusive at best.

The average amateur digital photagrapher faces problems that belie the advertising of digital cameras , Wood Mini Blinds as easy, one-step devices that cannot take a bad shot. Not every picture you take with a digital camera , How To Plan Your Child's Bedroom Makeover is a masterpiece. Many of your digital images do have redeeming value though. Many digital pictures look dark or blurry and an odd color. , Making The Most Of Your Smart Decision To Hire An Interior Designer There is a limit to the amount of improvement , Matching Flower Arrangements To Your Home Decor that can be accomplished, but most digital images can be improved.

With patience and a bit of practice, even beginning photographers can improve their photography technique. A steady camera, , Home Decorating On A Budget a little reading about compostion and above all, patience, will produce pictures that, perhaps not destined for the Louvre, will call , Fresh Feng Shui for Spring - Seven Simple Steps to Revitalize Your Life to mind that perfect moment and help retain the precious memory.

Can This Picture be Saved?
A modern digital camera , All About Closet Organizers can do a lot of the work for you. It cannot aim itself, but it is quite capable of focusing and judging the amount of available light. , Discover the Designer Within Still, the most common problem with digital images is lighting. Images often appear dark and discolored. Though these images may be less than perfect, they often contain an amazing amount of image information. , Amish Furniture For the Home There are numerous software applications available that can brighten up these images and perform a bit of color , Discover the Designer Within correction. In many cases, a dark, discolored image may turn out well if adjusted properly. This is part of the beauty of digital photography technology.

What is the Subject of This Image
When you snap an image with your digital camera, , Bathroom Online Design - 5 Online Bathroom Design Tips you know the subject of the shot. Sometimes, when you look at the image later, the subject of the shot is not so obvious. This is where image cropping becomes valuable. Cropping allows you to remove the extraneous areas of the image and emphasize the subject. Again, many software applications exist that can help you perform this task. Cropping may transform a mediocre image into a family hierloom.

Image Quality and Stretching
Digital cameras , Home Decor Can Make Your House a Sanctuary come in many resolutions. Resolution refers to the number of pixels a camera , Lodge Style Interior Decorating will use to store a digital image. More pixels, more quality. Click here to view a chart that will give you some information , Choose The Correct Paint Color For Your Decorating Projects Every Time! about resolutions and print quality from As the chart suggests, images that you want to print in a larger size will suffer quality degradation as they are strechted. Poster layout allows enlargement of images with sensitivity to quality. Inclusion of several images into a piece of artwork allows higher quality images to carry the load while less than perfect images of perfect moments jog the memories of those happy times.

Use Your Own Photography
OK, you practiced your photography and now own several images that have meaning in your life. What next? Work with to help you create unique artwork based on your digital images. Artwork based on your own memories will last a lifetime and become a cherished part of your home. , Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions
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