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Article by: Carmen Natschke

Quick Tip , Crystal Chandeliers #1
When buying furniture , Lladro: A Porcelain Marvel TRY IT OUT. Sit in the chair, , Adding A Shower Enclosure Can Transform Your Bathroom! bring the chair , Kitchen Tables - Not Just For Dinner Anymore up to the desk. Can you reach comfortably, do your feet touch the floor, , Furniture - Where To Get It do you feel support for your lower back? This is important because a bad chair , Eiderdown, For a Princely Sum You Can Sleep Like Royalty. will lead to bad posture which will make you tired and achy both of which are not conducive to working successfully.

Quick Tip , Lighting Up a Seniors Life - Baby Boomer Alert! #2
If using a standalone monitor position it 16" to 28" from you and align the top of the monitor even with your head. Your eyes will thank you.
This is not so easy to achieve with a laptop. If you are a laptop user take more eye breaks.

Quick Tip , Bathroom Vanities: The Focal Point #3
Reduce eyestrain and the early need for glasses , A Look at Vending Massage Chairs by simply adjusting your monitor to match the lighting in the room. , Hardwood Floors 101 If you have monitor glare, purchase a glare screen or MOVE your computer setup. If you move, make sure that the computer is at a 90 degree angle from the source of glare.

Quick Tip , Eiderdown, For a Princely Sum You Can Sleep Like Royalty. #4
Having a problem because you feet don't touch the floor , Eiderdown, For a Princely Sum You Can Sleep Like Royalty. when you sit back in your chair? Buy a foot rest"¦Don't make one out of phone , Where Does Interior Decorating End and Renovation Begin? books or old folders! You need a good support system or you will eventually experience numbness and pain in your legs.

Quick Tip , How to Choose Bed Sheets Effectively #5
The color , A Quick and Easy Way to Pump Life into Your Bedroom Decorating you choose for your office is important. Green's and Blue's are always good choices. Studies have proven that green's and blue's lead to less eye strain and to better concentration. Neutrals work well but can be less than inspiring. I HIGHLY recommend staying away from bright whites , Using Candles For Home Decorating While Entertaining During The Holidays and yellows since they tend to reflect the most light , Is Feng Shui Certification for You? and that leads to eyestrain.

Quick Tip , Kitchen Tables - Not Just For Dinner Anymore #6
A clean, pleasant smelling office will invite your clients in. Your perfect office image can be ruined in 2 seconds if it smells bad. All your hard-work to create an office for success is GONE if there is a bad smell.

Quick Tip , Too Much Stuff Syndrome or How Decorating and Organizing Can Help Your Sanity #7
A cluttered desk may work for you but not your client. Keep an organization system close by so that you file away documents and keep your desk open for your current project. Trust me stacks of folders from your last 5 projects which are precariously close to sliding off your desk will not impress your clients.

Quick Tip , Shabby Chic Bedding Can Add An Elegant Vintage Touch to Your Room! #8
Buy the best office furniture , The Lamp - Let There Be Light! you can afford. Don't think short-term. For example you may think that your kitchen , Relive Your Favorite Vacation with Hotel Bedding! table and a few chairs , A Look at Vending Massage s you picked up at a garage , Wallpaper Guide for Your New Baby sale would be great for your office. NO. Invest in your business success. If you don't believe in your potential to succeed your clients aren't going to buy into it either.

Quick Tip , Shabby Chic Bedding Can Add An Elegant Vintage Touch to Your Room! #9
When home , Stone Bathtubs: An Alluring Idea is work and work is home , A Quick and Easy Way to Pump Life into Your Bedroom Decorating it becomes difficult to make a clean break. Set fixed hours that you are at work and stick to them. It's tempting to work more when you should be focusing on other aspects of your life. That rule also holds true for when you decide that the laundry , Lladro: A Porcelain Marvel needs to be done or the garage , How to Choose Discount Wood Blinds cleaned out. Set your hours and honor them.

Quick Tip , Adding A Shower Enclosure Can Transform Your Bathroom! #10
Use plants , 5 Essentials of a Successful Living Room Design Project liberally in your office they will liven the office immediately. Plants , Home Decorations add color, , Home Decorations soften hard lines and work great for hiding unsightly areas! Silks are beautiful , Lighting Up a Seniors Life - Baby Boomer Alert! and easy to care for or if you have a green , A Quick and Easy Way to Pump Life into Your Bedroom Decorating thumb life plants , Stone Bathtubs: An Alluring Idea are perfect. IF you do have life plants , Home Decorations don't let them get brown and look like they are dying or your client will interpret that as a lack of paying attention to detail.

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Carmen Natschke is an award winning designer , Displaying Posters: Some Ways You Never Thought Of and co-founder of an online home , Lighting Up a Seniors Life - Baby Boomer Alert! decor shop and decorating , What is the Most Popular Color for a Sofa? resource. Carmen is passionate about decorating , Drapes - Drawing the facts together and has shared that passion with hundreds of women through her Decorating , Indoor Fountains: Enhance Your Interior Decor with Wall Fountains! Divas workshops and seminars. She is currently working on her book "Decorate Like A Pro" which is based on the innovative approach to decorating , Lighting Up a Seniors Life - Baby Boomer Alert! taught in her workshops and seminars.

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