Cottage Style Home Decorating: 10 Secrets to Charming Chairs

Article by: Kathryn Bechen

Cozy comfy chairs, , Outdoor Bar Stools collected wooden , Bath Rugs: Why You Should Use Rugs In Your Bathroom chairs"¦whatever your taste, interesting chairs , Desktop Wallpaper can give your cottage a personally charming and eclectic flair.

Here are 10 secrets to "chair charm"Âť for your home:

1. French Flair. Upholstered chairs , Climate Control: Glass Oil Lamps for Accent Lighting with French curved legs and backs create a sophisticated cottage look. They don't have to be expensive"”search flea markets and consignment shops and reupholster.

2. Ladderback Love. Rush seat ladder-back chairs , How To Choose The Best Wine Rack To Buy For Your Home add architectural interest. Paint , 5 Tips for Decorating a Child's Bedroom each rung of the ladder-back a different color , Adding A Shower Enclosure Can Transform Your Bathroom! for interest.

3. Quite a Pair. Pair two classic rolled-arm upholstered chairs , How to Choose a Scented Candle for Health and Pleasure next to each other with a small table in between to encourage reading and conversation.

4. Quirky Consignment. Scour consignment stores for sturdy and interesting looking wooden , Beautify Your Inner Space chairs of different but complementary styles and size. Paint , A Quick and Easy Way to Pump Life into Your Bedroom Decorating each one a different but complementary color , Creating A Country Style Bedroom Master Suite and use around your dining table.

5. Unique Upholstery. Purchase several upholstered chairs , Bamboo Curtains in interesting but different styles and unify them by reupholstering all in the same upholstery fabric. Choose pieces with interesting wood , Desktop Wallpaper trim and legs for an eclectic look.

6. Wicker Wonder. Collect different styles of wicker chairs , Bath Rugs: Why You Should Use Rugs In Your Bathroom and chaises and paint , 5 Tips for Decorating a Child's Bedroom them all the same color , 5 Tips to Create Style and Elegance in Your Home for a unified look. Add floral seat cushions in one style upholstery fabric to tie them together.

7. Slipcover Splendor. Soft comfy slipcovers say "instant cottage."Âť Try white , Carpet Padding: Why You Need To Use Good Padding canvas or a faded floral print.

8. Quintessential Quilts. If your favorite upholstered chair , How to Choose a Scented Candle for Health and Pleasure needs recovering but you don't have the funds, drape your favorite quilt over it. Or, consider using a favorite quilt as the actual upholstery fabric for a unique and charming look.

9. Fabric Finesse. Search upholstery fabric outlets for the best quality of upholstery fabric you can find. If you've saved money on the cost of the chair, , Art and Accessories in Interior Design you can splurge on the fabric!

10. White , Creating A Country Style Bedroom Master Suite Wonder. Paint , Snow Globes all your chairs' woodwork white , Beautify Your Inner Space and upholster with colorful floral fabric for a fresh and airy look.

By creating some "chair charm"Âť in your cottage, you'll be happy to linger and enjoy your home , Grandfather Clock Repair and your guests will feel welcomed and comfortable too.
Kathryn Bechen - EzineArticles Expert Author
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