Choosing the Right Sheets

Article by: Martine Lykos

Because of the variety of fabrics available today, it is a good idea to acquire a little knowledge and make the right choice when it comes to selecting your bedding. , Buying Parsons Chairs - What You Need to Know After all we do spend one third of our lives in them!

We should learn to look beyond the attractive packages promoting luxury and pay more attention to qualities such as natural , Unique Candle Chandeliers for Your Home versus synthetic fibers, shrinkage, ease of laundering, conductivity to warmth or coolness, just to name a few. You will find a lot of information , The Joy of Naming Paint? on the package itself. Look for the type of material, the nature , Finding a Color Scheme - Decorating with What you Have of the fibers used, the thread count and where the product , A Look at Computer Desks for Children was manufactured.

Keep in mind that better fibers require more refining to become fabric and that higher the thread count, the higher the price will be! So, the most economical sheets will always be your cotton/polyester blends. Then come most of your cottons, satin, linen, superior quality cottons and finally silk.

You will need to read the care labels carefully. Sometimes a pretty set of sheets that is labeled

"no bleach, cold water, , A Look at Computer Desks for Children gentle detergent, tumble dry" is not worth the investment. Remember that your sheets will be changed often, and will undergo many washing cycles, drying sessions, and stain removal experiences!

What will you need? You should purchase:

One or two allergen-proof covers per mattress.

One or two allergen-proof covers per pillow

Two pillow protectors

Extra pillow cases (you will change , Silk Trees them more often than your sheets)

Three completes sets of sheets and pillows per bed

Two mattress pads. Every home , The Cost of Granite Countertops should have allergen-proof covers for pillows, mattresses and, box springs. , Interior Design Psychology The new materials used will keep the allergens and dust mites from peeping through and stopping for a visit while we sleep! There is one things dust mites hate, that is very hot water. , The Joy of Naming Paint? If you are sensitive to them you should always choose sheets that can take high temperatures , Shared Bedrooms - How To Make It Work during the wash cycle. Owning three complete sets of sheets will allow you to use one, wash another and still have an extra set for guests. Some people like to have special sets for guests. You should purchase your sheets according to your needs and life style.


To ensure a proper fit, you will need to know not only your bed's dimensions, but also your mattress' s depth. Otherwise you could be forever pulling down on the corner pockets of your bottom sheets! Unless they are from Europe, most sheets measurements are now standard.

If you like a lot of overhang, you can always purchase your top sheet one size up, as this will give you a generous fold over the blanket. As far as the fitted sheets go, just make sure that you purchase a "universal" of "deep corner" type sheet. Quality All of us look for different qualities in sheets, so the final decision will be yours. I love my sheets to be crisp and white, , What are Murphy Beds? especially in the summer. , Fresh Fruit Baskets This means I am not shy when it comes to ironing!. My friends are more practical and always preferred using non iron sheets. No matter what you like I would suggest that you always purchase your bed , Shower Stalls and Ideas to Showcase your Bathroom linens from companies that specialize in linens and not from designers. , Home Styles of the Rich and Famous: Anjelica Huston Designer , Couristan Rugs- A Name You Can Trust sheets are almost always of poorer quality and usually overpriced.

Thread count

What is it?

Simply put, it is the number of horizontal and vertical threads (or density) in one square inch of fabric. As more threads of equal quality are added the material becomes stronger and will create less lint after repeated use.

Quality is not always associated with thread counts. The only time this will be absolutely true is when you compare apples with apples. A higher thread count fabric will only be of better quality if it is compared to another fabric made with that same quality thread. Otherwise if a thinner thread is used the higher count will not mean better quality or stronger fabric. A lower count with a high quality thread will feel softer than a higher count and lower quality thread.

Fibers: Today's manufacturers , Shared Bedrooms - How To Make It Work have created an array of materials by combining natural , Biometric Time Clocks fibers, synthetic fibers and various weaving methods. Each of these fibers have different properties , 7 Decorative Ideas For Stained Glass that we will discuss further down.

Weaves: There are three types of weaving use for sheets,, given in order of durability, from highest to lowest. In a twill weave one or more threads go over two threads. In the next row the intersection is offset one row up or down, giving the fabric a diagonal weave. Plain weave has a yarn crossing over a single yarn at the time. Satin weave: This time the weave goes over two threads and keeps a loose even pattern, making the fabric soft and smooth.

Choosing Natural , Hardwood Floors 101 or Synthetic Fibers

The array of fabrics and quality choices available today give us no choice but to educate ourselves. One must look beyond pretty packages and attractive pictures. Both natural , Buying Parsons Chairs - What You Need to Know and synthetic fabrics serve a purpose and we must decide what our primary need will be.

Natural Fibers


To start with, a new cotton sheet will shrink anywhere from 4 to 6% when first washed.

Cotton is stronger wet than dry. It is durable, economical and known for its lightness, softness and superior comfort. The shine, color, , 7 Decorative Ideas For Stained Glass thickness and durability of the fabric are all dependent of the cotton plant , Cottage Style Home Decorating: 8 Tips to Husband-Friendly Cottage Style used and its fiber.

If you like a crisp yet economical sheet, look no further. This is "la crème de la crème!"

But keep in mind that when the thread count goes above 280, the cotton fabric begins to lose its crispness. Though they are economical, cotton sheets require a great deal of ironing, and if you don't feel like doing this in your spare time you might want to look into wrinkle free sheets. You need to keep in mind that sheets treated with resin will not be as absorbent as natural , Using A Room Divider To Enhance Your Asian Inspired Decor untreated cotton sheets and that the treatment will weaken with time.

There is something to be said about white , Silk Trees cotton sheets. They are a wonderful indulgence, and when trimmed with lace and ruffles they will bring a sense of romantic tranquility to any bedroom.

Combed cotton:

The shorter fibers of the cotton thread will be removed through a combing process. This makes the fabric softer and more resistant to lint, but does not keep it from wrinkling

Sea Island Cotton

This cotton is not readily available and mostly grown in the West Indies. It is said to be the best of all cottons and is used for fine cotton apparel and beddings. , A Guide to Vinyl Shutters

Pima Cotton

Like Sea island cotton it has a long staple and is light , Smarten Your Interiors in color. , The Advantages of Copper Kitchen Sinks ( which means less bleaching!). It is mostly grown in the States. If you wish to purchase Pima cotton sheets, you should make sure they have the "Supima" seal. This means its 100% pima cotton, and nothing else.

Egyptian cotton:

This is largely cultivated in the Nile Valley, and has a shade that varies from beige to light , Discount Rugs - Buying a Discount Area Rug brown. It is one of the better cotton and you should always make sure it is 100% Egyptian and not a blend. (Any other type of cotton could be used to make up the blend combination!). All three of the following cottons are of premium quality. They are lustrous and smooth, while still resistant and long lasting.

Brushed cotton:

This thread is thicker and had been scraped to remove some of its shorter fibers, making the cotton soft and warm, ideal for cold winter , Shared Bedrooms - How To Make It Work nights. Because of its low thread count (not more than 180), due to the thicker threads, it will have a tendency to gather lint.

Cotton Jersey:

This is a type of weaving that gives the sheets the feel of "T shirt" material. Some people prefer a soft flexible sheet to a crisp one. You should check the laundering instructions as they might be a bit demanding, depending on the fabrication. Because it lacks resistance, the stitches will tend to run and the material will become stretchy with time.


These sheets will be soft and warm, and are the best for colder bedroom. It Is especially nice to use flannel pillows on a cool winter , Office Interior Decorating night. Kids love them, they're so cozy!


Linen is made from the flax seed , Arts and Crafts Style Decorating and is the choice "par excellence". It is very strong, absorbent, dries quickly, and will shrink less than cotton.

Linen sheets "breathe" by letting air , Area Rugs circulate, are very crisp and will soften only aft er many many washes. Linen is very absorbent and makes a very comfortable sheet on summer , Shared Bedrooms - How To Make It Work nights.


Most silks are made from cultivated silk fiber (Silkworm farms! , The Joy of Naming Paint? ). It is a soft and light , Fresh Fruit Baskets fabric, very absorbent, naturally wrinkle resistant and does not pill. Silk is not a "Hot summer's night" favorite, since it tends to be a bit warm. Like cotton, it can be woven in many types of fabrics

Silk sheets are very costly and must be handled gently when washed. Some of them might only be dry cleaned! (Check the care instructions before you bye your sheets). This is why you will find a lot silk/Egyptian cotton sheets of Silk/Linen sheets combinations.

Synthetic fibers


This man made fabric is really composed of natural , American Blind And Wallpaper In Business To Dress Your Windows substances like coal, water , Fresh Fruit Baskets or petroleum! It is very wrinkle resistant, does not gather lint and lasts for many years. Depending on the way the fabric is made, it can be cool or warm and never will shrink or stretch. Most sheets are not too soft to the touch and not at all absorbent. Colored polyester sheets will not fade as fast as their cotton fellow. Because they are very economical, some people


It looks and feels like silk but it's 100% polyester and not at all absorbent. The way threads cross each other gives satin its shine and softness. In Europe, people will choose satin pillow cases because they tend to keep your hair in place , Choosing Decor To Fit Your Style while you sleep! Satin is quite slippery does not readily adjust to your body's temperature. , Home Steam Sauna



If you hate ironing, this blend is for you. You should know that this type of sheet will not wash as well as an all cotton fabric. By making a compromise and replacing some cotton fibers with polyester, today's manufacturers , A Comparison of Art Prints and Reproductions: Learn the Difference have created both expensive and inexpensive fabrics that can be comfortable, light , Where to Find Unique Shower Curtains or warm. They lack absorbency and tend to pill after repeated washes and use. With time the sheet will not be as comfortable because the cotton fibers tend to wear out first, leaving behind the polyester alone.


This is a type of weaving were the cotton fibers are wrapped around the polyester fibers. This process will create sheets that will feel like cotton and where the thread count will be at least 180 per square inch. Besides feeling a little cool when you get into bed, , Clueless About Decorating Your Rented House or Apartment? these sheets will also lose their cotton fibers first and will not be as comfortable after repeated washes.


Voila! I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. And when all is said and done, you will buy what you like and feels good to you. As a side note, I wanted to mention that an other important aspect of sleeping well is not only enjoying the bedding , A Guide to Vinyl Shutters we choose but also how we treat it. As I was growing , A Guide to Vinyl Shutters up I was taught never put anything of our beds, , Where to Buy Wholesale Picnic Baskets especially items that had been outside , Inexpensive bedroom decorating tips of our home. , A Look at Wood Shutters It was always a given that we were to change , Home Decoration Tips for Decorators on the Budget our clothing before lying down to nap during the day. In the evening we would always take a shower , Interior Design Psychology before we changed into our pajamas. Even to this day I can't go to bed , Clueless About Decorating Your Rented House or Apartment? without being washed and changing into comfortable sleepwear. Feeling clean, relaxed and slipping into a bed , Installing Granite Countertops that is well made and attractive is the perfect combination to rejuvenate your body and soul after a good night's sleep.! Try it!

Bonne nuit!


Martine Lykos is the webmaster of Lace and Linen Classics (

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