Chairs - History Part III

Article by: Michael Russell

In this next article in our continuing history of chairs , Hiring a Designer for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project we're going to pick up with Chinese chairs. , Home Decorating Tips - How to Change a Rooms Dimension using Wall Pictures

There is not much known about ancient Chinese chairs. , Making Baby's Room Special What we do know is that during the Tang dynasty, which was from 618 to 907 AD, higher seats started to appear among the Chinese elite and then soon spread to the more common people of China. By the 12th century, sitting on the floor, , Interior Design Psychology which at one time was what every Chinese person did, was becoming less common even though in other Asian countries the custom of sitting on the floor , Lighting Can Make A Difference continued.

We then move on to the Renaissance period. In Europe especially, it is because of the Renaissance period that the chair , Home Offices for Success and Achievement became a symbol of authority in the European State. It became custom that the only people who had chairs , Lighting Can Make A Difference were those of authority or royalty or those who could simply afford them as they were very expensive. However, once the idea of privilege faded away, the chair , Roman Shades Made From Fabric became more common in everyone's household. , Aluminum Mini Blinds

Once chairs , Discount Bathroom Vanities started to be manufactured for common people it was immediately noticeable that the chairs , Office Furniture Manufacturers themselves reflected the fashions of the times. Over the course of the Renaissance period chairs , A Guide to Baby Scales have varied in size, shape and sturdiness. They were fashioned not only after women's dress but after men's as well. The chair , Wall Fountains itself started to become too monstrous with many of the items they were adorned with and soon these items started to disappear in order to make the chair , Home office decorating on a tight budget more functional.

By the 18th and 19th centuries the costly adornments of these chairs , Bedroom Design were threatened by the ordinary adornments of the more common chairs. , Decorating A Room With Limited Space In Style Because of this came the development of the "conversation chair" which enabled the person sitting in it to sit with his face to the back of the chair. , Wallpaper Border Tips This can actually still be done with many chairs , A Guide to Memory Foam Mattresses even today. The earlier chairs , Without Drapes is It Curtains? usually had large arms and it wasn't until the end of the 16th century that the smaller chairs , How To Find the Best Kids Bedding Online became common.

The majority of chairs , Hardwood Floors 101 in the 17th century were made of oak and were made without upholstery. When it became fashionable to cover them, most of the time leather was used. Sometimes velvet and silk were also used. During later periods, less costly materials were used.

An old Abraham Bosse engraving from around 1630 depicts a Parisian musical party that has pulled their low chairs, , Hardwood Floors 101 which were called backstools, away from the tapestry hung walls , Easy Bedroom Decorating Ideas where they were usually lined up. The padded back panels were covered with needlework panels. Plain cloth was put across the back to hide the wooden , How To Get Great Home Interior Design Ideas framing. The engraving also depicts stools with column legs.

Leather began to be used only for the most costly and elaborate chairs. , Without Drapes is It Curtains? These chairs , Space bags creates more closet space were sheathed in thin plates of silver and were usually sent from Venice to other places , Interior Design Psychology all over Europe. To this day, leather is still the most infrequently used material for chairs. , A Guide to Baby Scales Until the 17th century the main characteristic of chairs , Without Drapes is It Curtains? was to be made sturdy and bulky. After the time of Louis XIII, chairs , Without Drapes is It Curtains? were made with cane backs and seats and their weight was reduced substantially.

In our next article in this series we will continue with English chairs. , Carpet Steam Cleaning
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