Capodimonte Lamp History

Article by: Jim Hoyle

My brother in law Carlo, frequently says that all things good originate in Italy (ha!). He may have a right to feel that way since he was born and raised on a farm , Choosing the Perfect Window Blinds, Vertical Blinds, or Wood Blinds for Your Home near Rimini, Italy. I agree with him on at least one point and that is the unparalleled beauty of genuine antique Italian Capodimonte porcelain lamps.

Capodimonte is the finest grade of Italian porcelain that rivals any of the finest porcelains that are produced. Themes range from simple nature , A Review of Popular Wood Stove Manufacturers and garden , Bar Stools designs to downright outrageous. I say the more outrageous the better ! This is just one quality that makes Capodimonte so unique. Whenever I look at these beautiful , Futon Mattresses: An Overview old pieces I cannot help but think of how these designers , Latex Mattresses - Comfortable, Renewable, and Biodegradable shrugged off convention to develop this unusual and outstanding style. You either love it or you hate it but the identity and the design , Bathroom Tile Ideas For Bathroom Floor Tile is usually unmistakable.

The more ornately designed Capodimonte lamps may be adorned with 3 dimensional cherubs, angels, nudes, animals, serpents, people and vegetation. Occasionally the 3 dimensional figures are completely raised away from the main body of the porcelain creating an open space. These styles are highly sought after by collectors. Porcelain colors , Taking Care of Your Futon Covers can be unusually vibrant and very bold. The finer quality Capodimonte pieces contain many subtle details in the artwork and in the hand painting. , Summertime Simplicity in Your Home Decorating The 18th century master sculptor Tagliolini exemplifies the finer qualities found in many of the Capodimonte styles.

Translation: Capodimonte: Italian: capo di monte, English: head of the mountain or as my brother in law Carlo says: "captain of the mountain". Although "captain of the mountain" is not the precise translation, it is the translation that I like because this beautiful , Ashley Furniture for All Styles porcelain style certainly commands your attention and respect.

The Capodimonte story is very complex and convoluted. So in order to simplify, I am presenting the important events related to Capodimonte porcelain in the following timeline format.

1710: Augustus II, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony (now in Germany) founded the first European porcelain factory in Meissen Germany (near Dresden, both now world famous for their fine porcelain).

1734: Charles of Bourbon (Bourbon was a European royal family) was the son of Philip V (the 1st Bourbon ruler of Spain) and his wife, Elizabeth Farnese (Italian). Charles was coronated King of Naples and Sicily.

1738: Charles married Maria Amalia granddaughter of Augustus II who had previously in 1710 founded Europe's first porcelain factory in Meissen Germany. From his marriage to Maria, Charles became interested in porcelain production in Naples. He wanted to create a porcelain quality that would rival that of Maria's grandfather (Augustus II).

1743: Charles built a small porcelain factory on a hill named Capodimonte near his royal palace. Charles finally decided that porcelain production was not feasible in his small facility and he ordered the building , Exotic Wood Floors: Exotic Hardwood Flooring adds Beauty of a new porcelain factory in the royal wood , Mini Blinds of Capodimonte.

1759: Philip V of Spain died and Charles became Charles III King of Spain and of course had to leave Naples. Before leaving he had the Royal Factory dismantled and moved equipment, inventory and artists with him to Spain. He wanted to keep his recipe of porcelain a secret and he started a new porcelain factory near Madrid.

1771: Ferdinand (Charles's son) assumed his father's throne becoming Ferdinand IV king of Naples. He was also interested in porcelain production so he started a new porcelain factory at Portici from the equipment and supplies that had been left by his father Charles.

1772: Production began in Ferdinand's new porcelain factory. The style and quality from this factory were similar to that of the original factory that was begun by Charles.

1779: Domenico Venuti replaced Perez as director of the factory.

1781: Venuti created the Academy of the Nude whose main goal was the study of the nude figure. Production at the factory was at its all time greatest height and the porcelain had become famous throughout Europe.

1782: Ferdinand had a special porcelain dinner service produced as a gift for his father, Charles III of Spain, who was the founder of the original Capodimonte factory and it was received very coldly by his father.

1785: Ferdinand had another special porcelain dinner service produced as a gift for George III, King of England. The king was overwhelmed upon receiving such a beautiful , The Benefits of Metal Wine Racks gift.

1799: France invaded Naples and Ferdinand fled to Sicily leaving Naples and the porcelain factory. The factory was looted by the French and it fell into great disrepair.

July 1799: French rule ended. Ferdinand returned to Naples and attempted to get the Royal Factory back on good footing.

1799 - 1805: Production had been greatly reduced but the Royal Factory continued in business.

1806: The French occupied Naples yet again and Ferdinand was again forced to return to Palermo. Giuseppe Bonaparte was named King of Naples.

1807: The French turned over the responsibility of the porcelain factory to a group of local , Upholstered Ottomans businessmen.

1808 French commander, Gioacchino Murat became King of Naples replacing Giuseppe Bonaparte.

1816: Ferdinand returned to Naples in 1816 as Ferdinand I King of the Two Sicilies.

1818: The Royal Factory never recovered from the French occupations and their lootings. Business had been in a decline for many years. The equipment, inventory and supplies were sold off to various individuals and businesses thus marking the end of the Royal Factory of Capodimonte.

Today, Capodimonte style porcelain is produced by a number of manufacturers , Upholstered Ottomans in Italy. There is not one single factory or region where this style now originates.

- Jim Hoyle
Biography: Since 1979 Jim Hoyle has owned and operated Lamp Outlet - North Carolina's Most Exclusive Unique Table Lamps, Floor , A Baker’s Rack: Always A Favorite Lamps and Antique Lamps. Contact Jim His company's website

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