Candle Magic - Tips for Decorating with Candles

Article by: William Wilson

Candles have been used in home , Steam Sauna settings for centuries. Originally used for illumination, they were very utilitarian in function, with no thought of appearance or scent. But with electricity , Country Home Decorating - Country Style Home Decor the Way Life Used to Be becoming commonplace, the candles role began to change. , Finding a Bamboo Flooring Supplier

Candles became more decorative and were recognized for their ability to achieve a certain ambiance, or mood, in any room. , Office Interior Decorating Candles went from being exclusively for tabletop settings to more designer-oriented sconces and multi-candle wall , Ottomans displays. But for the traditionalist, a formal dinner table is still not complete without at least a couple of tall tapered candles.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are just wonderful for decorating , What is a Gabbeh? your home. , Recessed Lighting Most are offered in attractive styles and decorative shapes, making them easy and fun to use around the house. , What is a Gabbeh? Scented candles, especially the ones made rich with scented oils, emit their aromatic fragrance whether lit or not.

Placing scented pillar candles or jar candles in hallways, bathrooms , Braided Rugs: Spruce Up Your Home Decor and even kitchens , Faux Wood Mini Blinds can help freshen the air , Summer Decorating Tips To Cool You and eliminate unwanted odors. These types of candles are offered in a myriad of fragrances, sizes and shapes to meet every candle lovers needs.

Dinner Candles

Long tapered candles on a dining room , Paint Your Lounge table are classic. However, the newest candle displays have taken a different twist. A table decorated with a collection of small votives in matching holders can be quite a stunning addition to the dinner table. Try the same idea with an assorted mix of candle containers for a more eclectic look.

Having a dinner party?

Candleholders that also function as place , Window Coverings Are Very Important to a Room's Overall Decor - Be Sure to Choose the Right Ones! card holders are available and allow you to dazzle your guests with your creativity. And whether your preference is traditional tapered candles or a grouping of votives, either will cast a special glow over the dinner table at your next party or festive event.

Other Decorative Candles

There is a multitude of specialty candles and candleholders on the market. Some are very creative with designs , Summer Decorating Tips To Cool You in the shapes of your favorite animals, others with more modern or abstract designs. , Leather Seat Covers Whatever your taste in candles, you can almost be assured that a candle is designed with your decorating , Home Decor Stores tastes in mind.

Candle Do's and Don'ts

Uses for modern day candles are only restricted by one's own imagination. But decorating , Candles - I'm More Than Just A Flicker with candles can have its pitfalls, too. To help you avoid these decorating , Sofa Beds "faux pas", the following tips , Finding a Bamboo Flooring Supplier will get you started on the road to becoming a candle aficionado.

1. If you like grouping your candles, remember to match the scents of all the candles to avoid creating a combined scent that is either too strong or unpleasant.

2. Consider mixing like-scented candles with unscented candles in your grouping to help control the overall strength of the scent.

3. Never use scented candles on a dinner table. The scent of the candles will compete with and interfere with the sumptuous aroma of the meal. Researchers have found that the aromatic smell of food , How to Choose a Futon Mattress actually is one of the most important elements of the dining experience.

4. Candles on a dining room , Kids Furniture: Five Pieces Every Kids Room Should Have table should always be smokeless. Be sure to trim the candle wick if it exceeds ¼ " to reduce the potential of unwanted smoke.

5. Burning a scented candle in your bathroom, , Adding A Shower Enclosure Can Transform Your ! or "powder" room, , Commercial Embroidery Machines will eliminate unpleasant odors. This is a nice touch for your next party or gathering of special friends.

6. Always burn your candles in a secure, fireproof holder made especially for candles. Also, ensure that there are no paper products , Wallpaper or hand towels in close proximity to the candle's flame. Using a tall candleholder with a shorter candle is just plain smart and keeps the flame away from flammable items.

7. If the candle holder is an open vessel, like a candle stick, always opt for dripless candles. Who wants a puddle of wax on your nice table linens?

8. When placing lower-flamed candles around a table, make sure it is done in such a pattern that a person's shirt sleeve or clothing cannot pass through or over the flame.

9. Don't place , Paint Your Lounge your candles too close to flower , Renew Your Sectional Sofa with Splashy Fabric and Re-covered Pillows arrangements. Candles have been known to wilt or ruin flowers , Renew Your Sectional Sofa with Splashy Fabric and Re-covered Pillows if the flame overheats their petals.

Remember - always practice safe , Finding a Bamboo Flooring Supplier candle burning! The most important aspect of using and enjoying your candles is to never leave them burning unattended, or where a child could be drawn to the candle and potentially be burned.

Keep it safe , Floors To Suit Your Lifestyle and Budget - Part 2 and enjoy the magical benefits of decorating , Cottage Style Home : 10 Tips for a Cozy Cottage Style Home Office your home , Country Decorating - Country Style Home Decor the Way Life Used to Be with candles!
Bill Wilson is a writer for decorating , Home Steam Sauna publications and online , Floors To Suit Your Lifestyle and Budget - Part 2 services. For more information , A Fleece Throw Blanket Can Bring a Fresh Look to Your Furniture about decorating , Adding A Shower Enclosure Can Transform Your Bathroom! with candles visit:

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