A World in Stone

Article by: Matthew Sirpis

Imagine having the whole world at your fingertips, inlaid with layers of beautiful , Solar Flood Light 4 mm thick semi precious stones! , Turning Your Child's Room into a Mysterious Jungle That's right, it's a globe made from all natural , A Touch of Elegance with Lighting gemstones!

Inlaid with natural , Solar Flood Light and untreated stones, , Condo and Small Space Living long and strenuous hours have been taken in designing, cutting and finishing each piece of individual stone , Practical Kitchen Design is Winning Recipe to 2006 Homebuyers to complete this unique piece of artwork.

Over 20 varieties of highgrade semiprecious stones , Spring Cleaning Tips and Advice have been selected to represent each country geographically and remarkably precisely.

Since the earth , Baby Quilts - Traditional Or With A Twist is made up of minerals, rocks and stones , How to Take Care of Your Teak Furniture it seemed only fitting to make a globe made up of the same. In 1991 the first globe was presented at the most prestigious international Gem & Jewellery Show. Displaying high grade semi precious stones, , Contemporary Bathroom Vanities intricate cutting skills, , A Luxury Featherbed Delivers The Ultimate Sleep Experience the absence of fillers and the fine definition of countries, this globe caught the attention and amazement of all visitors and exhibitors.

WARNING: Be aware of bad imitations, where "Countries are square and islands not there!"

Be aware of bad imitations of the original Gemstone inlayed globes, of which we are sole distributor for Australasia.

There is some "Copy-cat" globes that are often cheaper, but some are even more expensive! They are of poor quality and many show wide gaps in between countries. They also do not use semi-precious stones, , Solar Flood Light but just some rocks of unidentified materials. To make things look even worse... "Countries are square and islands not there!!"

There is no comparison whatsoever, between our geographically controlled Gemstone Globes (Approved by the Chinese Geographic Society!) and other copy cats, that have entered the market...So be aware!

For a short period of time all our Blue , The effect of light on color Lapis Gemstone Globes are at HALF PRICE, because of the introduction of the all new MOTHER OF PEARL GEMSTONE GLOBES, with unbelievable detail and the amazing 3 dimensional look of countries!! There is even more islands and capitals.

Each globe is hand-crafted with more than 20 kinds of Semi-precious stones, , An Upholstered Bench To Incorporate Style and Function such as the ocean's in blue , Plug-in table and standard lamps can be positioned just where needed Lapis, Inlayed stones , A Luxury Featherbed Delivers The Ultimate Sleep Experience ..Coral stone, , Hideaway Beds - Have You Considered A Fu-Chest? White , Kitchen Tables - Not Just For Dinner Anymore Stone, Abalone, Flower , Feng Shui Your Studio Jade, Xinjiang Jade, Quinhai Jade, Mother of pearl, Picture Jade, Unakite, Red Agate, Drop white , Home Decorating Magazines! How to Choose the Right One? Jade, Grain Stone, , The effect of light on color Petrified wood, , Spring Cleaning Tips and Advice Aventurine, Rhodonite, Red Jasper, Leopard Skin( stone) , Red Aventurine, Purple Stone, , Hideaway Beds - Have You Considered A Fu-Chest? African Jade, Yellow Jasper, Orange Stone, , Rustic Country Decor - How to Decorate Cottage Style Homes Zebra Jasper, Howelite, Paua shell,to name a few

A complete and stylish look is achieved through a gracefully designed Gold/Silver/Bronze stand, some with a richly Gold-plated dial.

To check out our range of gemstone globes, please visit our website at http://www.crystalcaves.com.au
Matthew Sirpis


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