7 Steps for Easy Elegance: Visually Enhance Any Room with Panel Molding

Article by: Patricia Tomaskovic

Panel molding dates back to the Georgian period of the 1700's. Georgian architecture is characterized by a sense of proportion and balance. Symmetry and adherence to the classical rules were valued as regular and desirable. Today, panel molding is used to break up large surfaces, which adds a formal feeling to most designs. , Teak Furniture It is also utilized as a border separating colors , Your Mattress Must Be Right for You or textures. Visually enhance any room , Granite counter tops Part.II with decorative panel molding; from walls , Painting the Woodwork and doors , How to do Wonders with a Ceiling Fan to ceilings, these exquisite accents can be installed by the average do it yourself home , Silver Picture Frame owner.

As with any project, proper safety , Child Bedroom Furniture practices should be used at all times. That includes wearing hearing and eye protection as appropriate. If you need to use a respirator, dust mask or any other tool , Dining Chair Slipcovers - A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests! or equipment, always select the right one for the job.


When beginning any project, it is important to plan , Granite counter tops Part.II the layout. Establishing a plan , Blinds - Let Me Be Your Shield keeps the job flowing smoothly. It is perhaps the most important step. Although installing panel molding requires that you have a good drawing that accurately shows the room , Give Your Home A Fresh Look Without Changing Your Furniture Or Redecorating and the pattern, you won't need to generate detailed blueprints. A pencil sketch on graph paper will do. Be certain that the measurements are accurate. Reference dimensions on the drawing to either the center of the room , The Art Of Home Decoration (or to a ceiling dome or ceiling medallion, etc..) or to the walls. , Chairs - A Fresh Look This will depend on the dominant feature , To Frame or Not to Frame - That is the Question of your design. , Silver Picture Frame Although you may not have any interest in recreating an extravagant baroque ceiling for your own home, , Give Your A Fresh Look Without Changing Your Furniture Or Redecorating you can often find some great pattern ideas by studying the ceilings of historic castles and palaces. Look around your room , Western and Rustic Lighting: 3 Great Fixture Choices! and decide whether you will have full or split panels; single size or variable sizes, or symmetric sized panels. Panel molding is strictly a decorative element, so there are no rules to follow for the design. , Smarten Your Interiors This is your opportunity to create a unique and individual design. , A Futon Mattress Looks Great With a Splashy Futon Cover


When ordering your panel molding make sure that the pattern of the molding is compatible with the corners (if you are using corners) and that you have made adequate allowance for cutting waste. Remember to take pattern repeat into account when figuring cutting waste. I like to use a cut list for all trim work. It allows me to plan , Painting the Woodwork all of the joints before I start cutting. I use the same list to plan , Dining Chair Slipcovers - A Great Way to Impress Your Dinner Guests! my order. Normally, panel molding is inexpensive due to its small profile. Therefore, you may want to save , Bean Bags Are A Cozy Combination Of Comfort And Style some work and order enough to eliminate as many joints as possible. You are also going to need adhesive, caulk, etc. to complete the installation.


If you are not planning to finish (paint or faux finish) the ceiling and the molding at the same, you may want to prefinish the molding and then touch it up after installation.

Assemble Materials

Setup a work area close to the job and assemble your tools , The German Grandfather Clock Tradition and materials. Look over the moldings to make sure they haven't been damaged either on shipping or on the job. Inventory your tools , Cleaning Aluminum and Wooden Window Blinds and supplies to ensure that everything you will need is there. If something is missing, , Window Curtains, Rods and Drapes Are a Simple Solution to Home Decor Needs stop and get it now rather than waiting until you need it, which inevitably is at the worst possible time.


Transfer your plan , Bunk beds are frequently used as a child's first regular bed to the ceiling in full size. Layout the outline of the molding rather than the centerlines so the layout will be visible with the molding installed. Remember to reference patterns that surround ceiling domes or ceiling medallions, to the center of the feature , Your Mattress Must Be Right for You they surround. Reference moldings that run parallel to walls , Colorful life to the wall , How to Frame Art (to minimize the effect of out of square or wavy walls).


Because of their light , Decorating With s and Shades weight no mechanical fasteners are required. Use an appropriate size bead of adhesive and temporary fasteners as necessary until the adhesive sets.

Finish Up

After the adhesive has set, remove the temporary fasteners or set below surface. Caulk the joint between the ceiling and the molding. Fill the holes made by the fasteners with non-shrink filler, sand, , A Futon Mattress Looks Great With a Splashy Futon Cover prime and paint. , The Art Of Home Decoration

Voila! Enjoy and relish in the glow of all the compliments you receive when others see how beautiful , Why Posters are Great Gifts your room , Chairs - A Fresh Look is with the simple addition of panel molding.

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